12 Photography Tips for Rookie Bloggers

12 Photography Tips for Rookie Bloggers


A picture is worth a thousand words…


There’s a reason why certain blogs, content, or social media accounts do better than others. Photos!

photography tips

They might not be the ONLY factor that makes a blog or a social media page successful or popular, but photos contribute a whole lot in terms of ensuring your content and the message(s) therein ignites the kind of response you are looking for.

Visual content has become increasingly powerful in terms of conveying brand messages. The value of visuals is enormous and bloggers are now under pressure to produce creative and memorable photos all in the name of getting their fair share of eyeballs.

photography technique for bloggers

Today, consumers are more receptive to visual content than plain text. Not surprisingly, most consumers would rather use visual content than interact with customer service. In addition, the majority of shoppers agree that it’s faster to get the right information when visual content is associated with support.

This clearly shows how critical it is for bloggers, whether personal or for business, to pay particular attention to the visuals they plan to incorporate into their blogs.

However, you might feel out of your depth if you are not a professional photographer. Don’t despair! With proper guidelines and some photography tips, you can capture amazing photos that tell a story.


We have put together a few useful photography tips to guide and also help you take memorable photos.


1. Jumping shots – These are quite popular nowadays and many bloggers use this technique to spice up their content. The trick here is to get down really low and shoot up at your subject. The lower you go the higher the subject will seem to be. Remember to ask them to relax and smile – this makes all the difference in the shot.

photography tips


2. Take plenty of warm-up shots - those extra minutes to get a great shot will really pay off. You can also try and engage your subject in a light conversation as you take the shots. This is another great way to capture beautiful moments and emotions. It also helps to research and know your subject in advance.

the art of photography


3. For pet photography, you can use treats and/or even dress them up. Use natural light as much as possible as well.

pet photography


4. Clean or Wipe lens- If you use your phone to do most of your photography, always remember to clean (or wipe) the lens. Smudges, fingerprints, and dust on the lens can adversely affect the quality of your images. Also, ensure that there’s adequate lighting since most phone cameras perform dismally in low light. But if you must take that shot in low-lit situations, then consider making the photo black and white – it can be a lifesaver.

camera phone


5. Try the sun flare: Best time of the day to get this kind of effect is when the sun is lower in the sky. Get your subject to try different poses as well and see which one works best.

photo shoot technique


6. Avoid using the flash every time – natural light is always best.

photography tips


7. Proper use of background- Make sure that the background compliments your subject.

photography for beginners


8. Crop it right- Avoid cropping your photos afterwards by always framing your shots exactly how you want them to appear.

photography technique


9. Look for some shades- When there’s a lot of bright sunlight, look for some shade. This way you’ll capture flattering images.

photography tips


10. Use lighter backgrounds- Look for and use white backgrounds/wall to act as a reflector. That extra punch of light brightens up the subject.

photography techniques


11. Take your time- Take some time to pick and choose the best photo(s) before uploading on your blog.

the art of photography


12. Take online photography course- Last but certainly not least, sharpen your skills by taking online photography lessons. There are also plenty of photography tips and  ‘How-To’ videos on YouTube, for instance, or even consider enrolling for Chris Bray’s free photography lessons on Udemy.




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