3 Trends PR Professionals Should Embrace

Trends PR Pros Should Embrace to Improve PR Efforts



“Business is constantly changing, constantly evolving”James Dyson


As communication continues to evolve, so should our practice of public relations.


Below are 3 media trends every PR professional must consider in order to improve their PR efforts.


Online Influencers

online influencer

Anyone who has followed a popular celebrity or influencer on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat can identify the benefits of getting an influencer to share his or her passion for a brand.

The online influencer has become a mainstream trend that PR professionals and brands are embracing.

Today, it’s more about finding the right influencer to get your story out rather than the best newspaper.

Want to boost your PR efforts?

Tie up with some influencers who are relevant to your brand. These influencers already have the hearts, minds, and trust of the people who want to hear the message your brand wants to portray.



Social Media


New platforms and apps such as Insta stories, Periscope, Meerkat, and Snapchat are constantly popping up, creating new opportunities for PR professionals to communicate and reach target audiences.

These social media platforms have created new means to consume news and create entertaining content; making these mediums important.

As technology continues to change how we consume news, PR professionals must try to adjust to the growing influx of mediums and adjust strategies accordingly in order to be successful.





While infographics might seem like a recent fad, these designs have actually been around for decades.

Most journalists actually include multimedia content to their work, making it a key element to consider in any PR effort.

When pitching to journalists, consider including photos or other multimedia to go along with your story.

Multimedia content helps differentiate content, as well as bring stories to life.

Combining visuals, information, and effective design can be used to present data to readers in an easy to digest manner.



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