3 Ways that Influencers can Elevate Your PR Strategy

3 Ways that Influencers can Elevate Your PR Strategy


A recent study found that nearly 71% of UAE residents are happy to consider advice from bloggers and influencers on social media, before making a purchasing decision.


As the ‘influencer effect’ on purchasing decisions becomes more tangible, we look at 3 ways that Influencers can elevate your PR strategy.


What is an Influencer anyway?

An influencer is an individual who has an above-average impact on a specific niche process. Influencers are normal people, who have built audiences which they share content to which can often influence an opinion or sway decisions on purchasing commercial or lifestyle experiences.

There are many types of influencer who create and share content based on particular aspects of their lifestyles and interest.


1 – Ambassador programmes

Fashion, music, fitness (the list is endless) are all areas which are being utilised by influencers to amass large digital followings. Brands increasingly work with influencers as they have the voices of authority, established relationships and in most cases leverage over audiences that some brands don’t have.

This is when it becomes more time and cost effective to piggy-back on an influencer’s appeal and form brand ambassador relationships to reach niche or target groups.

Three things to consider when choosing an influencer are:

• Their reach

• Their relevance

• Your budget


2 – Embracing digital tools

Compared to traditional media outlets, bloggers/influencers are essentially editors of their own platforms. Imagine that you just launched a new restaurant and want to inform a large targeted group of people to know about it immediately, an influencer in attendance could share the experience to their (potentially thousands of) followers using tools like Facebook live, SnapChat and Periscope to instantly boost the attendance of your event and digitally raise awareness of its existence.


3- Incorporate Influencer Engagement in your campaigns 

There are many considerations that go into starting a new enterprise or taking an existing business in a completely new direction, these include market research, strategic planning and much more.

One area that shouldn’t be overlooked is Public Relations; incorporating digital marketing, social media, and influencer engagement to enhance existing PR strategies can help your brand to reach new audiences and turn them into customers.

Have you thought about which influencer that you would like to collaborate with to promote your brand, products or services?

If you’d like to know how we work with influencers to elevate our client’s brands, do get in touch.



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