4 Reasons Why Responding To Customer Feedback & Online Reviews Is Important

Why Responding To Online Reviews Is Important


The internet has become the sphere of many businesses and brands today. Gone are the days when you have to interact with your customers face-to-face to achieve results.  In fact, the use of courier to deliver customer feedback or review are now unnecessary because of the advancement of technology.


You can reach out to your customers as they can interact with you as well in a snap. Good or bad, they can rave and rant almost instantly.

The internet has since changed how companies and brands deal with feedback and reviews, especially those that are shared via the internet and social media.


customer feedback and online reviews


Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other free review sites like Yelp and Reddit have become the go-to places for giving brands those much-needed thumbs up. Consumers have also used online review sites to call out companies and products they are particularly not happy with.


 Companies on the lookout, Customers explore…

Companies and brands are now constantly on the lookout. Customers, on the other hand, are exploring the social media arena looking for online reviews for businesses and sharing feedback. According to a study by BrightLocal, responding to reviews is more important than ever, with 30 percent of those surveyed naming this as crucial when judging local businesses.


customer feedback and online reviews


Undoubtedly, customer feedback and reviews have become critical. Companies are now spending a fortune putting measures and mechanisms in place in a bid to ensure that customers’ feedback or online reviews are not only responded to but also dealt with in a timely manner.

But even as you make efforts to enhance your company’s customer feedback strategy, you also need to understand why responding to a customer’s feedback and/or review is important.


Here are 4 compelling reasons why you should respond to customer feedback and online reviews – both positive and negative, and why it matters.


Enhances Online Reputation

Acknowledging and responding to your customers significantly improves your company’s online reputation. Accordingly, more customers turn to online review before buying products or making final purchase decision.

Thus, responding to feedback and reviews can also help neutralize a situation. It boost your crisis communication strategy and even prevent issues from escalating further.


Boosts Revenue

A Study by Cornell University revealed that responding to and engaging with customers can also help boost revenue. The more involved you are with customer feedback the more likely you are going to win new business.

Of course, you can also retain existing customers, including those who are unhappy with your product for one reason or another. Happy and satisfied customers have a habit of recommending and referring their family and friends to customer-friendly companies and brands.


Increases Brand Rating

Online rating is important for companies these days. Customer reviews play an important role when it comes to purchasing decisions. So, the brand rating cannot be underestimated.  A timely and consistent response can significantly increase the brand rating.


Improves Local SEO

With the companies and brands competing for online market share, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been used and abused inequitably. Blogs are choking with keywords as marketing executives and content creators fiercely try to attract more traffic.

What some still don’t understand is that responding to customer feedback and reviews can also improve local SEO. According to the Google My Business support page, you can effectively improve your local rankings by managing and responding to reviews.

Therefore, it is important to encourage customer feedback. Research shows over 70 percent of people are more than willing to share their positive experiences online when asked to.

Welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is natural to fear negative reviews but guess what? These are opportunities.

Positive feedback helps you identify the satisfaction levels of your customers. It also measures the popularity of your product and/or service. Negative reviews, on the other hand, show you specific areas that need improvement as well as how to increase customer satisfaction.


customer feedback and online reviews


They also give you an opportunity to fix and even prevent similar issues from happening again. This way you get another chance to win back unhappy customers. Responding to customer feedback and online reviews will also help you to refine your feedback handling strategy.




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