4 ways that social media can benefit your business

4 ways that social media can benefit your business


Are you still wondering whether it is worth the expense and effort it to invest in social media?  Here are 4 reasons to consider.


1. Increased reach

When a business has a presence on social media they instantly make it easier for customers to discover and make contact with them. The mere act of connecting with customers on social means that organisations are more likely to increase levels of brand loyalty and customer retention. In the past, marketers were limited to traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines and radio, whereas now messages have the power to reach massive targeted audiences across various platforms at the click of a button.


2. Increased inbound traffic

Without the use of social media, your inbound online traffic is limited to people already familiar with your brand or organization, and individuals who are searching for your key words. Every social media account that you have representing your business is another digital portal which could potentially lead back to your website. The more quality content that is generated the more inbound traffic you will get, and more traffic equals more conversions.


3. Richer Customer Experiences

Social media essentially is another communication channel like email or phone calls. Each customer interaction that you have on online is an opportunity to publicly express your values and demonstrate your customer service level, enhancing your relationship with your customers. For example, if a customer complains about your product on Twitter, you can immediately address the comment, apologize publicly, and take action to make it right. Or, if a customer compliments you, you can thank them and recommend additional products. It’s a much more personal experience that lets customers know you much care about them.


 4. Improved customer insights

Using social media in the right way presents the opportunity to immerse your brand into the digital worlds of your customers, this allows you to listen to their conversations about your brand and receive instant feedback about goods products or services. Social listening also enables you to measure conversations based on specific promotions posted on your various accounts and you’ll eventually find a perfect combination to generate revenue.


If you have any questions about social media or any other thing related to Public Relations, do get in touch.



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