5 Content Tips for Building a Personal Brand

5 Content Tips for Building a Personal Brand


It has never been easier to level the playing field when it comes to building a personal brand than it is today. Any person with access to the web and social media and knowledge of content marketing can build a brand for themselves.

Here are 5 content tips that will come in handy when deciding about your style, topics and voice.

5 Content Tips for Building a Personal Brand


1. Be Genuine

If you want to build a brand identity for yourself, your content must be a reflection of you and not other people. Talk about things that you are an expert in, you are passionate about and what your target audience cares about. The lesser you sell the more genuine you will appear.


2. Be Original

Talk about your view and perspective. Simply reiterating what others have said will make you seem less original. The lesser spoken about topics will give you more mileage and exposure and help you build a niche for yourself. This is the quickest way to building influence or being an influencer.


3. Be Consistent

Do not expect results overnight. Building a brand is a long process and like brushing your teeth, it needs to be done over and over again consistently. Ensure you do not exhaust all your content in one long article but break it down into smaller articles that you can post often and periodically. It helps to have a social media plan.


4. Be Relevant

People are always hungry for good content but each person has different interests. There are different topics that trend at different times and working with trends while being relevant is always a good ploy. The easiest way to be relevant is to offer solutions to people’s problems. Find a niche and stick to it.


5. Be Visible

Having great content is the first step, but it needs to reach the right audience. It’s important to build good social profiles on the various platforms targeting different audience. People are also likely to notice images before they read content so we always recommend investing in good images to go along with your content. Using boost budgets to help your content reach a wider audience will give you an edge.

These content tips will help you build your personal brand. If you do not have the time or resources to do these by yourself hire a PR or branding agency to do this for you and make sure you are clear about your objectives at the get-go!



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