5 PR and Social Media Trends for 2019

5 PR and Social Media Trends for 2019


Everybody knows that the Golden Goose is priceless but nobody predicted that a simple egg would be worth more than 50 million likes on social media.


Buckle up, 2019 is likely to throw some Easter eggs to marketing professionals and we have to be ready.


5 PR & Social Media trends for 2019


The brands that will do well in 2019 are the ones who have built a solid strategy in 2018 and continue to build on it this year.


Here are the 5 PR and Social Media Trends for 2019:


  1. Crisis Communication will become a must-

    Too many brands have suffered from an unexpected crisis. In fact, most of them were not prepared to handle or respond correctly. The growth of digital put brands at a higher risk for crisis. So, brands will invest in crafting policies and procedures for crisis management. Media and crisis communication training will see massive growth in 2019 for brands and this cannot be disregarded.

5 PR and Social Media Trends for 2019

  1. Facebook & Instagram to dominate-

    The users of Facebook and Instagram will continue to roll out updates and ad solutions to help brands acquire and engage with their target audience better. Shopping in Instagram stories, Video metrics, Page recommendations, and Augmented Reality ads are some of the solutions that brands can engage to meet their marketing objectives.


  1. Print will stay relevant-

    While print is on the decline, it is by no means dead and far from it. Print media will get more niche and focus. Thus, it will continue to hold more credibility over digital. Its reach may shrink this year but with the growth of digital, the importance of the titles that survive will be higher. With lesser space for brand stories, brands will have to get really creative in coming up with content to get featured in print.


  1. Brands will continue to tell stories-

    Everybody loves a good story and given the growth over the last few years, brands will continue to benefit by investing in the Stories format in 2019. We are likely to see a bigger shift of budgets towards story ads. The use of influencers and customers for stories will be the key.


  1. Micro influencers to grow-

    The good news is, the region has seen a boom of influencers. While not all of them offer real influence, there is no denying that brands seemed to have benefited from collaborations in 2018. Brands are likely to invest more in influencer marketing in 2019. Engagement and measurement will play a bigger role in determining the top influencers more than followers and likes this year.


2019 will be the year that brands will continue to build up as they head towards figuring out how to maximize the opportunities the region will provide in 2020.




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