5 PR Tips for Start-Ups

5 PR Tips for Start-Ups


The Middle East seems to be a great marketplace for entrepreneurs from various industries including technology, retail, and other consumer related services.

With a lot of interest from global venture capitalists and companies to fund start-ups from the region, the SME segment in the region has experienced a steady and healthy growth in the last few years.

The World Economic Forum Reports that 13% of the MENA population is engaged in Entrepreneurial activity more than their western counterparts.

Governments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE are actively involved in supporting and funding local entrepreneurs that would in turn further help boost the economies and keep unemployment levels low.

For every start-up, as with any business, money spent would ideally need to show some return on investment.


Below are 5 tips every entrepreneur or start-up needs to help gain customer trust and build on your reputation simultaneously:


Aim to be thought leaders in your field

PR Tips for Start-Ups


A lot of effort and research is put into coming up with a business plan and then rolling out the plan to fruition. One way to get people to hear ‘your story’ is spread the word through thought leadership opportunities- speak about your offering at every given opportunity, make it to panel discussions, hold workshops across universities where students would learn from you and be your brand’s ambassadors, online videos and tutorials help further leverage the proposition while elevating the brands ranking online.


Dynamic Team

PR Tips for Start-Ups

Hire a person for his or her personality; he will always get experience on the job! While an experienced person would definitely get a lot of work done, a dynamic, aggressively passionate person yearning to learn would give a lot more to your brand in comparison. Not only will the person’s work do a lot of the talking, but growth for the brand would be achieved at a much faster pace.


Social Media

PR Tips for Start-Ups

While Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms are a good way to talk about your offering, the best way to increase interaction, build a consumer base and spread the word is through building relationships via social media. Since influencers and most bloggers come attached with a rate card, your ideal bet would be to have your communication agency scout for accounts that are socially active and would cost you close to nothing- it could be your friend, cousin, sister’s gym buddy and collaborate with them on platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter for at least a month to create brand awareness.


Content Marketing

tips for start-ups

Surveys, blogs, press releases, reports….everything produced for the company needs to be strategically curated to help boost how you are positioned online. Purchase decisions are now being made online and marketers are aware of this fact. Not surprisingly, the need to position businesses and brands strategically.



PR Tips for Start-Ups

Contests especially photo contests are a great way to engage with potential customers and are virtually hassle free (Instagram and twitter take a few seconds). This also helps with promoting user-generated content that can be reused. Contests run by bloggers, online portals, magazines sites/social media pages are a great way to leverage you and your brand.




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