5 Quick Fix Marketing Apps and Tools

5 Quick Fix Marketing Apps and Tools



Ever wondered how some marketing and social media professionals always seem to manage to have more time in their day?

They use these wonderful and exciting tools that help them get work done effectively and quickly.


In this article, you’ll find 5 mobile apps and desktop tools that will absolutely make your day.


1: Life Lapse

Marketing Apps and Tools


Life Lapse is a stop-motion camera for iOS or Android.

Life Lapse makes it easy for users to create amazing content on the go on your mobile phone.

The app simply uses a series of photos strung together to create an illusion of motion.

One can do a multitude of actions including adding music, using filters and customizing the size and posting it to social media platforms.

It has a free and a Pro version. Easy to use and creates fantastic results.


2: Spectre Camera

Spectre Camera


Have you seen those stunning photos and wondered how they were taken?

The answer is Spectre Camera.

It is an iOS app that helps you capture stunning long-exposure photos.

But Spectre isn’t just about long shutter speeds. The app can completely remove crowds from a scene or clear streets of cars as well.

The app is a paid app.













Everyone seems wowed by the seamless posts on Instagram’s carousel.

The credit for that must go to SCRL, a free multi-photo feature iOS app that builds a panorama with images and text and then slices your panorama into Instagram-friendly segments.

SCRL allows you to freely layer your camera-roll pictures across multiple frames in your canvas to create a compelling narrative.

A great app for story-telling.


4: Infogram


Simply put, Infogram is a user-friendly infographic and chart maker.

It helps users design professional infographics, reports and graphs.

Infogram has plenty of built-in options including templates for graphics, text, charts and maps. The templates can be customized and personalized.

It has both a paid and free version.


5: removebg



Separating foregrounds and backgrounds has never been easier.

Removebg can help you take off an image background in just 5 seconds. All you have to do is provide the image URL or upload the image and leave the rest to the app’s AI.

While there are other apps that do the same, none of them are perhaps as quick as easy as removebg.


Armed with these apps and tools you can make your life easier, more effective and save yourself loads of time. Feel free to reach out to us know more about social media hacks.



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