5 Tips On How To Ace That Media Interview

5 Tips On How To Ace That Media Interview


A media interview is a great chance for your company to gain exposure.

It’s an incredible moment that cannot be left to chance. A little media training will go a long way for the spokesperson.

This is because, even though you are an expert in your field and your business, failure to prepare adequately for a media interview can lead to a disastrous experience.


These media interview tips will help you ace that interview with ease.


  1. Research and plan ahead

Before going into the interview, do thorough research on the topic and completely familiarize yourself with the facts, figures, and the current trends.

Identify two or three key messages that will form the basis of your interview.

research and plan ahead

Quote sources that make your message sound credible.

The reporter will want to get a good story and therefore will ask as many questions as they possibly can fit into the interview.

Without thorough preparation, you may divert from your primary message.




  1. Media training

It’s always wise to invest in a PR agency that can conduct media interview training. The agency will train the spokesperson and help them prepare for interviews.

The agency will research and find out how the reporter handled previous interviews, prepare a list of questions likely to be asked, get answers to them, and help you come up with key points.

media training

To make sure you are well prepared, the agency will hold practice sessions before the main event to make sure you have got the points right.

The agency will also make sure you appear professional, friendly, and articulate your message well.




  1. Stay in control throughout the interview

Sometimes, a journalist may try to make the story juicy and in the heat of the moment may put words in your mouth or try to upset you. This is done to get you off guard or hostile. Try and remain cool throughout the interview.

Doing thorough research before the interview will give you the courage to remain calm and collected.

Be in Control

Do not fear the awkward silence between questions. Embrace it to avoid over-divulging information.

Take time before responding to a question to think about the best response. This helps you control the messaging.


  1. Give your audience value

The reason you get called into an interview is that the reporter or journalist thinks you have something worth writing about. Do not use the show for self-promotion. Instead, provide them with valuable industry insights that they can use. If you provide value, they will seek out your services later.

Make sure your answers are short and to the point. Do not use jargon and speak in a language that the audience will understand.


  1. Be tactful with your answers

If you don’t know the answer to a question, avoid saying ‘no comment’. Saying this makes the audience think that you are either hiding some information or that you are not an expert on the topic.

Your PR agency can help you prep for hard questions. They can help you anticipate them and provide answers that won’t hurt the company.

It’s also important to note that nothing is “off the record” with reporters. Anything is quotable. Avoid sharing information that you don’t want to be published.



A little media training before the interview will ensure that you are confident, make eye contact and give clear information.

Remember to have your points ready and especially those you want the audience to remember your company with and smile.

A happy and cheerful attitude conveys your energy and feelings. It makes the audience fall in love with you.


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