5 Tools for Enhancing Instagram Stories

5 Tools for Enhancing Instagram Stories


2019 will see the rise of Facebook and Instagram stories.


enhancing instagram stories


Instagram stories are evolving at a path-breaking rate with every new post, striving to be more creative while engaging and interacting with the audience to elicit a response.


We have come up with 5 apps and tools to enhance your brands Instagram stories.


  1. Hype Text

A simple way to making your stories more story-like is by adding text to give it some narrative and context. Simple captions and animated text graphics both will do the trick and Hype Text provides you with multiple options including some fancy spins and twirls to add to your story.


  1. InShot Video Editor

While the text is one way to be creative, sometimes what one really needs is getting that awkward headspace cropped or fitting the entire story on the screen. The InShot Video Editor app enables you to do just that with its image and video editing software designed to help you change aspect ratios, resize stories and crop to fit.


  1. Canva-

For those who like things structured and want it easy, the Canva mobile app brings you tons of templates to create wonderful stories. The ready to use template include a plethora of options for fonts, backgrounds, colors, and graphics, making it easier to create interesting stories.


  1. A Design Kit-


A Design Kit is simply a must-have app for those with a flair for the creative. It helps you create exceptional, stunning stories to make them stand out and attract followers. The app includes stickers, brushes, colors, textures, and backgrounds that can be added directly to your photos.


  1. Splice-

For those who have struggled with vertical videos, Splice comes to your rescue with everything you need to create a beautiful and functional vertical video. The options afforded include effects, titles, animation, transitions, cropping and trimming among others. You can also add music to the videos from the in-app library or from your iTunes. You can easily get on to the vertical video bandwagon now.


If you want to make the best use of Instagram stories for your brand feel free to reach out to us for a quick chat or a detailed strategy session.



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