7 Gmail plugins that will improve your email communication & boost productivity in 2018

7 Gmail plugins that will boost your productivity


Do you know when the first email was sent?

1971 – Yes, that’s right, 1971!

Since then, this all-important communication tool has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Today, 4.3 billion global email users are sending over 200 billion emails every day.


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Whether personal communication or official, email makes it a lot easier and convenient to communicate, stay in touch and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and family. However, today, email is not only used as a communication platform for clients and teams but can impact a user’s productivity as well.


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Unfortunately, for many, email has become a productivity killer, at least to a certain extent. Emails can be costing its users’ and companies a lot of time and resources due to the constant interruptions caused by them.

According to Atlassian, it takes roughly 15 minutes for a person to refocus after checking and attending to emails. That’s not all; an average employee checks their email about 36 times in an hour. Now you can imagine how much time in a day is spent “refocusing”. You are now probably nodding your head (in agreement) wondering hmmm… is that the reason why I am always playing catch up with my tasks?

If that’s the case, below is a list of tools that can significantly improve how you communicate via email in 2018. This is a collection of Gmail plugins that will help you reduce email clutter, optimize email tasks, and enhance client communication and collaboration.




This task and project management plugin for Gmail basically lets you stay focused on your work by managing all your projects right inside your Gmail. With its simplicity and easy-to-use interface, you can easily and efficiently manage your inbox. Some of its key features include adding emails as tasks, scheduling reminders. Also, Yanado lets you visualize your work. In fact, you can share, delegate, and discuss tasks with your team members. This tool is free for one user and also has paid plans for multiple users as well.






mailburnThe last thing you want in life is to be held hostage by your inbox. MailBurn is packed with powerful features that put you in control of your emails. With MailBurn, you no longer have to spend more time following up to confirm if the recipient received and read your message. It also manages your email subscriptions and even unsubscribes if need be.


Just Not Sorry

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How you craft your emails can influence the kind of response you get. You need to choose your words carefully. All thanks to Just Not Sorry plugin.  It warns you when you choose words or phrases that undermine your message.




Gmail plugins

At the end of the day, we all feel good when we get things done. This app helps you accomplish your work by allowing you to convert your inbox into tasks. You can then sync it across all your devices (Smartphone, tablet, and desktop) as well as share unlimited number of tasks with your colleagues in real-time.







BatchedInbox delivers your emails at the time you have specified thus saving you plenty of time and eliminate unwanted distractions. It also let you work smarter without getting sidetracked by emails. What this tool does is, divert all incoming emails to a Gmail folder by creating a filter and only delivers these emails to your inbox at the time you set.





This one is best suited for those users that send sensitive or classified information via email from time to time. Snapmail lets you send self-destructing emails from Gmail. All you need to do is compose your email, hit the “Snapmail” button and as soon as the recipient opens the message, they will have less than a minute to read it before it self-destructs.





And one more plugin you might find useful is Grammarly. It comes really handy and checks your emails for grammatical errors before you hit the send button.


Do you use any other plugin to boost your email communication?



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