7 Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic in 2018

Social Media Traffic in 2018


As we start to wind down 2017 many of us will be thinking about 2018 and what plans we should be putting in place now to ensure our new year will be off to a good start.

One of your goals might be to work extra hard to get loads of traffic on your social media platforms.

News flash! So will a million others. Every social media marketer out there is always keen on growing their social media traffic and for obvious reasons. In fact, the majority of small business owners/marketers are now using social media marketing to position their brands favorably.

Generating more traffic on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube will be top on almost every marketer’s agenda for next year.

Here are some easy-to-do tips that are geared towards getting you started. Integrate them into your overall strategy and let us know how it goes.



1. Twitter Trending Topics:

Social Media Traffic

Try as much and as frequently as possible to get your Twitter updates synchronized with the current trending topics. You can write an update that more or less rides on the trending topic but ensure that it has some relevance to your business or brand. That way your post will prominently show up whenever someone clicks on the trending topic.



2. Updates with GIFS:


GIFS have proved to be effective when used as part of social media updates. They can indeed deliver those ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ you need simply because they are likable and sharable. Make a habit of including relevant GIFS in your updates from now on. And in case you are wondering where in the interwebs to find them, look no further – check out Giphy.com, they have all sorts of interesting GIFS.


 3. Visuals are the real deal:

Social Media Traffic

You can never go wrong by including images in your updates. Customers respond better to visuals than text – that’s how humans are wired. Quality and relevant images inspire customers to make decisions.  By incorporating such images with your brand messages you will increase leads and conversions as well.

According to Twitter, including photos in tweets can boost retweets by 35 percent.


4. Hashtags:

Social Media Traffic

This tactic cannot be stressed enough. It goes without saying – Hashtags are effective in promoting businesses and brands. Consumers all over the world now search for information using hashtags on various social network platforms.

News corporations always use hashtags especially when there’s breaking news while event organizers have used this tactic to get people to talk about their event(s) across social media.

Bottom line – use Hashtags religiously.


5. Questions:


Social Media Traffic

People respond well to questions on social media. Mainly because it makes them feel included in the conversation and also that their views and opinions are always welcome. For a business and brand, this is good because it not only increases the engagement but also boosts traffic, which is what we aim for at the end of the day.

According to HubSpot, questions that include “should”, “would”, and “who” generally attract more comments than those that include “how” and “why”.


6. Evoke some Curiosity:

Social Media Traffic

People are curious in nature. Some more than others! Posts and updates that evoke some sense of curiosity are more likely to lead to clicks.

Caveat: This tactic has been used and abused in equal measure. I am sure you have seen one of those updates with a line that says, “Number 5 will shock you”. This worked a long time ago but now it’s classified under annoying click bait – don’t use it.

That should not stop you from exploiting this method, though. But be tactful in the way you use it. Try using words that indicate that something is happening but without actually revealing it.


7. Short Updates will do the trick:

Social Media Traffic

To effectively optimize your engagement, the length of your updates or posts is crucial.

People only have a few seconds to catch a glimpse of your post and move on.  To get the most out of your posts, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get to the point with concise and punchy statements
  • Avoid excessive branding on posts
  • Use images


Good luck with your 2018 Goals!

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