Social media manager’s must-have apps

Social media manager’s must-have apps



Social media management is probably one of the most demanding jobs out there. This can be attributed to how active the social media world is and it continues to grow.

There is a lot going on in the social networks that most managers end up struggling to execute their duties effectively. Obviously, this depends on the number of social media platforms a manager is working with.

social media manager's must-have apps


In a previous article, we highlighted different ways to save time and the most common timewasters when managing social media.

Since social media is highly active, time management is crucial.

Thanks to technology and innovation, we now have productivity tools available on the internet that can make your work efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we shall take a look at apps that will make every social media manager’s life a whole lot easier.


In no particular order, here are our top 10 must-have apps:

1: Canva

This particular app is popular among novice designers and especially social media managers and executives that lack professional training in the creative design front. Canva helps you create beautiful designs and documents without much design knowledge.


2: Upwork

The one place you will find freelancers ready to take on any job regardless of its size and deadline. From copywriting to creative design, Web development to Virtual assistants, here you will find the help you’ve always wanted.


3: Flipboard

Basically grabs all the online content from sources you follow and curates the best of it into an online magazine. It’s an efficient way to quickly skim through a day’s worth of content and identify standout posts.


4: Clarity

It allows you to schedule calls with influencers and experts in your market.


5: Hemingway Editor

A wonderful tool that makes your writing and spelling mistakes bold and clear by highlighting common text errors.


6: Hootsuite

Probably the only social media dashboard you’ll ever need.


7: Trello

It helps you work more collaboratively through organizing, planning and scheduling projects as a team.


8: Google Drive

Gives you access to your files anywhere through secure cloud storage.


9: Skill crush

This is an interactive online learning community for creatives, thinkers, and makers. The site’s free email bootcamp is a great way to polish your tech skills.


10: Mental Floss

Hungry for articles with the most interesting facts and information about things you didn’t even know you wanted to know? Such articles can be good social media fodder as well.



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