Entrepreneur’s Dream of an Empowered Team

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While we take some time out to celebrate Employees Appreciation Day, we consider some of the ways an entrepreneur empowers his or her team.


Empowered Employees


Entrepreneurs cater to offbeat innovations in various fields and one thing that starkly comes across is that it means a lot to be an entrepreneur.

Right from bringing to fruition his ideas in mind, mapping target audiences, studying markets to keeping a close eye on competition; there almost is no respite for an entrepreneur in the initial (and latter) phase of his journey.

A close association with this ambitious clan brings to light some amazing lessons in patience, persistence and perseverance.


Take a look at some insider tips:-

Initial Hiccups:

Entrepreneur's dream of empowering team

It will be unfair to say that an entrepreneur never anticipates scaling up his business.

Regardless of the product, industry, service lateral or offering; every small start hopes to eventually bloom into a full-fledged enterprising dream.

The catch here is that often entrepreneurs are not prepared for it!

Welcoming team members on board, induction and product training, goal setting and sharing plans of action, is just the tip of the iceberg. To get over the initial hiccups, an entrepreneur needs to have at least a raw draft and plan of action that can be implemented when business scales up.

It will help to know that once your business flight finally takes off, you will not have a breathing moment to refuel. It’s best to stock up and use it as a trump card at the right moment!


Never Over-Estimate


Entrepreneur's dream of empowering team


Yes, you read it right. Entrepreneurs often have this feeling of, ‘I-know- I -can -do- it- all- by -myself’ feeling right from the beginning. And that’s okay.  There is nothing wrong with being optimistic. After all, you did set up your business single-handedly.

However, a logical solution to growing business needs is to hire more people who can support and help you run your business more efficiently. Surprisingly, an entrepreneur’s ability to take on anything to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams becomes a roadblock when there arises a need to take on board new people to accomplish their goals.

Shun the anxiety and bestow your team with trust that they can become what they want to be.


Lead to Empower

It’s easy to hire the best in the market and make a sprint. But where’s the scope to better the best? Instead, hire and engage desirable talent that can be nurtured and polished to align with your business goals.

Bear in mind that employees need to grow on a personal level whilst fulfilling the larger picture of your entrepreneurial journey. Identify leadership qualities and encourage them to take up more responsibilities. Brainstorm with the team on learning from solid failure instead of a blame-game.

If there’s one thing that I sincerely want entrepreneurs to exercise with their team, then it has to be – forgive mistakes.


Entrepreneur's dream of empowering team

Smart Mentoring

Well, forgiving mistakes doesn’t mean that you allow a free hand over the team and they continue making mistakes.

The idea is to guide them through the process to identify what went wrong and what they learnt from the experience.

In this way you will evolve as a better leader.

Sharing your experiences and mentoring the team throughout is the best way to empower them to make good decisions. Train them to think and formulate strategies. Hone them to gain insights, study competition and ponder upon differentiating factors.


Good to Go


Entrepreneur's team


The urge to map unchartered territories gives birth to an entrepreneur.

Though every journey is different, the kind of people and talent dealt with is more or less the same. Leadership qualities, learning techniques and analytical skills hardly change.

The best is to nurture potential and retain talent that will speak the language of your journey.



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