B2B PR – Eliminating obstacles and boosting impact

B2B PR – Eliminating obstacles and boosting the impact


Unlike the usual PR campaigns that involve direct touch-points with target audiences, B2B PR campaigns are a lot more comprehensive, indirect and demand a strategized amalgamation of integrated PR practices. Our experience speaks that it’s a tight wire walk of varied interests and business needs. To know what suits best and boosts brand visibility in B2B, read on…


Staying Ahead of the Competition… 

The Digital PR wave has engulfed B2B segment too. Whilst we still maintain that PR results are intangible when it comes to sales; site traffic, backlinks and brand mentions are great yardsticks to measure the impact of B2B PR campaigns. Segmenting audiences is another important aspect of this field. Many times, we are inclined towards thinking of our target audience as one group. However, in a business target scenario, audiences do not just vary in their basic demographics and concerns but also in brand interests and expectations. The idea is to tailor content and reach to stay ahead of the competition.


Take the campaign forward in the right way…



Because this sector isn’t the most active one (so to say in terms of visibility), it becomes imperative for practitioners to stay abreast of industry related news. Be it industry forums, social media, competition, blogs, releases or buzz feeds; there’s a need to strategize a monitored flow that picks value adding inputs without wasting man hours. On one hand, there are industry dynamics to map and on the other it is important to optimize reach. Our experience suggests that it helps to mention press releases and vital business announcements in newsletters to customers, upload links on websites and promote it on blogs. Uploading related press coverage on the website complements well to the credibility of the whole exercise.


Social media as an engagement tool is popular amidst B2B as well. Articles placed on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. do grab all the eyeballs. Adding the recently won accolade to signatures does create the much-needed hype. Not to forget, using relevant hashtags, takes the campaign forward in the right way.


Also, the use of multiple channels is an important aspect of B2B PR. Trade shows, trade media, social networks, influencers, reviewers and opinion makers form a multi-channel approach that strengthens the campaign. Though there isn’t a lot of scope for creativity, messaging should be crisp, clear and well-timed, spot on!


Whilst you decide to either approach an agency for B2B PR or choose to do it all alone, the bottom line is to use multiple channels to support your brand and speaks only about your target audience needs.

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