Blogs: How can it be a PR Tool?



How can it be a PR Tool?



Blogging is one of the most accessible and easiest ways to build, hone and shape a public voice. To companies, blogs are inexpensive and interactive medium to interact with their audience and for some it is just a platform where exchanges of ideas take place.

As a public relations tool it can be a skyscraper on the PR landscape.


Here’s how and why!

Many PR campaigns would be incomplete without it.

Through this simple, easily accessible and cost effective mode of communication companies can target customers, competition, industry experts or even skeptics on the same platform.

Frequent and candid exchange of views and opinions helps a company to have top recall value with its targeted audience.

With the right tone and content blogs become a more personal way of interaction for a company.

By sharing news and announcements as personal experiences in a matter of fact style adds a human element which allows for the information to seep deeper to the target audiences and the response can be gauged by the response and interaction.

Judicious use of content, use of contests and seeking opinions can help build a strong following should that be the objective.



The flip side for blogs is that negative comments become public viewing and have to be handled with care.

Excessive commercial content can adversely affect the following. To avoid the same it is advisable to have an editor to create, edit and monitor content being posted.

Since audiences of blogs often take a skeptical approach to traditional and conventional marketing methods employed by companies, the candidness of a blog could help change that perception.

And for any wise company – perception is reality; so hammer down those keys for PR.

So here’s to blogs for PR…..Happy blogging!

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