Boost your Influencer Marketing with these 5 Tools

Boost your Influencer Marketing with these 5 Tools


Influencer marketing is a hot topic that doesn’t seem likely to be going away anytime soon. Brands are using influencer marketing as an efficient and effective tactic to reach new audiences while building credibility at the same time.

According to Twitter, over 47 percent of people have at one time or another bought a product based on an influencer’s recommendation.

The study, which was a collaboration between Twitter and analytics firm Annalect also revealed that most consumers have purchased a product after seeing it being used by an influencer on social networks such as YouTube and Instagram.

Now, more brands are using the power of influencer marketing to accelerate their customer outreach efforts. Businesses are also actively using influencers to elevate their PR strategy as well strengthen their online reputation. This hot trend has resulted in the emergence of bloggers in every industry – and they are in their thousands.

From food to fashion, technology to the environment – businesses and brands are now having a difficult time identifying and picking the right partners to work with in an effort to get that winning endorsement.

The search for the right influencers for your brand has never been this challenging but with the right tools, brands can easily zero in on the right partner.


Below is a list of influencer marketing tools that can assist you to identify influencers worth investing in.




Use this tool to search bios, compare, and analyze Twitter users. You can also track and sort followers as well.




If you want to find key influencers to promote your content then Buzzsumo is the place to be. This tool also provides useful insights such as identifying which content is performing well and who the major influencers are in any topic area or location.




Get a quick overview of the social influence of the people you want to work with using this tool. You can also perform an extensive search of influencers under any category.




TrendSpottr for Instagram is particularly effective in finding top influencers on any topic. This tool also lets you engage with influencers as well as gain insights into emerging trends in any area of interest.




Influencer research is an important part of influencer outreach and BuzzStream lets you do just that. It also makes it easy for you to manage relationships as well as keep track of your conversations with your influencers by saving all your emails and tweets. It also lets you set those important follow-up reminders.


If you need help in managing your influencer marketing campaign, please give us a call.

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