Client Relationship Management – How to make it work

Client Relationship Management

How to make it work


A good agency/client relationship management is a skill which profits every individual in an organisation, irrespective of what position they hold. As a successful public relations professional, looking for new ways to foster a positive and most importantly trusting relationship with clients is essential. After all, a happy client equals a happy agency!

John Costello, Chief Global Marketing-Innovation Officer underlines that in relevant to client relationship management, “The best way to be a better client is to be a better partner, with clear objectives, open communication, quick, thoughtful decisions and mutual respect, where you both listen to each other’s point of view“.


Here are my two main points to good agency/client relationship management:


1. Learning the ins and outs of not only the company you are working for but also the client you are working with is key in building a good relationship.

The more you learn about the client and their world, the more you make yourself an invaluable extension of their business. This will definitely come back to benefit both parties.
2. Communication is key.

There are endless advantages to sending a formal message via email or sending a quick text to the client but every so often it’s important to pick up the phone and talk to the client one on one. Having phone conversations are crucial to building lasting relationships. Client relationship management also involves catching up in person as well. It can help build a lasting client agency relationship. There is also a trust factor that is created when you establish this verbal connection. Consistent communication with the client is key and this could be in the form of weekly calls and consistent meet-ups.

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