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The pressure for startups to break into the big leagues continues to mount on a daily basis. Very few startups nowadays hit the ground running mainly because of the numerous challenges the current business operating environment presents.

As focus has shifted from the traditional consumer behavior to a more informed and research oriented customer trend, more businesses have had to realign their marketing efforts along these lines in a bid to remain competitive.

The ever-evolving World Wide Web has made the chase for a wider customer base more competitive than ever before. Conventional marketing strategies and activities are rapidly becoming extinct as the world of social media now becomes the main focus for almost all businesses.

Consumers globally are increasingly becoming immune to ads. Ad blocking has now become second nature as more people prefer to consume custom content as their primary source of information.

One tried and tested method of reaching out to customers effectively is through content marketing. With over 70 percent of marketers developing content year-on-year, more startups are tapping into this tactic to grow their client base as well as position themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Are you a startup or just looking to an effective way to reach your audience? These tips will get you started.


Identify your area of expertise

Writing or creating content is not easy – but this shouldn’t discourage you.

One way of getting started is by identifying which aspects of your business you are an expert in, you know, those that excite you and have a passion for. These are the ones that you should start writing about even before delving into other areas.

Writing about what you know can be both fun and rewarding.


Know your target audience

Knowing and understanding your target audience is equally important.

Know what they want in terms of information as well as what questions they are asking out there about your or similar products/services.

This presents you with a good opportunity to offer solutions and secrets without coming out strongly as a salesman.


Share valuable content

It is imperative that you develop and share quality content from the word go.

As a player in your industry, consumers expect you to provide them with answers that will ultimately help them when in need. It is also important to create content that is designed to grow and maintain the customer.

Zero in on your audience and identify what and how they like to consume information.


Be consistent

As a startup, you are probably new to blogging and you might also not have the resources to help you drive this marketing effort.

That notwithstanding, consistency is key when it comes to content marketing – there’s no shortcut really.

You should consider outsourcing content creation as you develop internal capacity as part of your content marketing strategy. Remember, busy or not, quality content is key.


According to an AOL/Nielsen report back in 2011, over 27 million pieces of content were being shared on a daily basis. Imagine the number today!   This not only tells you how effective content marketing has become but it can also be used to grow social media following.



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