Content Marketing

Content Marketing


content marketing

For years now, many businesses and brands have been realizing big benefits that come with using content to market their respective products and services.


Marketing using content, quality content to be precise, is proving to be a tactic that is resonating extremely well with audiences across all industries.


According to a study conducted by The Custom Content Council, a little under 70 percent of consumers prefer custom content for the simple reason that it caters to their needs.


The beauty about content and content marketing is that it doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to plan and execute.


It’s no wonder more and more businesses and brands are now mainstreaming content marketing as one of their core PR and marketing activities. And going by how successful these businesses are, especially in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with their target audience, content marketing is definitely making a positive impact on their bottom line as well.


If your company has not already incorporated content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, here is a list of 10 benefits you are missing out on:


  1. Use content to tell your brand’s story – whether good or not so good
  2. Use content to attract new local customers as well as attract a global audience
  3. Use content to boost your blog or website
  4. Use content to create awareness of your business and brand
  5. Use popular types of content to make your social media platforms informative
  6. Use content to cut through the noise and make your business or brand stand out
  7. Use content to position your company as a thought leader and an industry expert
  8. Use content to establish and inspire trust among your audience
  9. Use content to gain higher visibility especially in search engines
  10. Use content to interact, inform, help, and add value to your customers



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