The art of creating effective content; Spinning words into gold

The art of creating effective content; Spinning words into gold


Writers have the responsibility of transforming bullet points and shortly phrased ideas into seamless and meaningful paragraphs. Balancing a tight rope with the client’s expectation on one end and the media’s information needs on the other; it sure is a challenging job to do without offending either of the two.

creating content


Having said that, today’s changing scenario demands a perspective that goes beyond content and media. With excellent writing skills being an ‘on-ground’ necessity for every PR professional, it is significant to master how to craft effective content.

Here’s a peek into what should be done to hone your art of creating effective content…


  • Raise the linguistic bar:

raising the linguistic bar

PR essentially translates into persuasion. Thus, one of the key factors of influencing is good writing. And I’m not even talking about the basic language hygiene that’s weighed in while choosing candidates. It goes further to building effective contextual writing and articulating facts in a competent manner. Clarity and impact should be your must-haves when putting pen to paper.


Critical analysis:

Be your own critic. Forget about clients, yet, give your content a critical view even before you send it to be reviewed. Be as unbiased as you can with your creation. Keep in mind that your capability, creativity and ability to translate thoughts onto paper is at stake.


  • Cross-cultural understanding:

Who would have thought that intercultural understanding is now indispensable?  You know why? Simply because what’s allowed in terms of expression in one continent may not be acceptable in another. In an increasingly digitized, multi-cultural and globalized world; cultural sensitivity is a must even while drafting content.


  • Do away with the mundane:

There is no dearth of content with everyone turning to Google even for their smallest need. However, maturity lies in knowing what to search for and where to find it. If you want your content to secure one of the top ranking positions via search engines, then the compilation of your creative geniuses should be such that they not just stand out from the crowd, but are also optimum in providing the necessary information.


  • Widen your reading repertoire:

To develop a holistic worldview (which by the way helps a lot in forming an opinion and helps write corporate matters accordingly), always find time to read. Newspaper tracking is not reading and if you don’t read enough, you cannot be good writer.

creating effective content




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