Digital Marketing, a competitive advantage

Why Digital Marketing can create a competitive advantage


With billions of internet users and the number growing exponentially by the day; online marketing is a big business. Whilst traditional marketing moves tend to invite a bit caution, in digital space, such caution could have potentially terminal results. Digital Marketing demands confidence as it has the ability to drive a competitive advantage.


How to Overcome Data Overload

There is an enormous amount of data being uploaded daily on the internet. In fact, it has now become a primary channel to distribute information for quick consumption. Having said that, it is not easy to get clicks and attention as consumers are showing more disinterest in advertisements that read like advertisements!

That brings in a new angle in Digital Marketing, where brands have a chance of providing high-quality content which is relevant to their audiences. It is a perfect start to let your brand and communication stand clear from the crowd.


Be Interactive

Furthermore, if your content is interactive, it will win you more clicks. Amongst a hoard of videos, presentations, podcasts, and infographics; vying for attention, content that’s interactive is far more engaging and easier to digest. This strategy too is going to get tough for marketers as everyone out there has big budgets and communique that’s ready to flood the audiences. The real challenge lies in paving a niche and your claim to fame in seeking audience attention and real-time investment.

It is also good to remember that social networking pages are literally littered with funny memes, quotes, news clips and even pet pics! It is becoming more challenging than ever to get people aware of brands and its offerings. The focus now shifts to reaching out to communities within communities. A great way to deal this could be Influencer Marketing which is slowly becoming an indispensable arm of Digital Marketing.


Be Relevant

That brings us to Earned Media. Creating high-quality content and seeding it in through relevant blogs and websites can invite many views. The importance, however, lies in relevant users. It’s not like traditional print media where circulation numbers reflect popularity. Spreading online content amongst all and sundry will do no good to the brand. Instead, well-defined target audiences must be the approach towards seeding.

To culminate, it makes sense to build your Digital Marketing strategy on three important aspects: high-quality content, well-defined audience and appropriate placement.

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