Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation

Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation



Creating enough content for daily posting on your social channels is an uphill task even for the seasoned content creator.

Producing good content requires time and effort, something most marketers and social media managers struggle with from time to time. This is mainly because most of them are busy with other tasks, hence making it hard for them to consistently produce quality work.


content curation


Quite a bit of work goes on behind the scenes during the content curation process. Content Curators need to allocate some time from the initial planning and strategy to discovery and repurposing and pushing relevant content to their target audience.

It can be a complex process, which requires meticulous execution. One wrong move and the effect can adversely affect the business. According to Curata, over 70 percent of businesses now have a dedicated resource for content curation.

In order to avoid negative results, we have put together some basic Do’s and Don’ts of content curation that will guide you through the process.



  • Identify your target audience
  • Know what kind of information will be useful to your audience
  • Always add value to your curated content (if possible)
  • Retitle the article and try and use different images (whenever possible)
  • Always link back to the original articles
  • Always read the article first before republishing it just to make sure it’s in line with your objective – and also too that there are no typos and /or bad grammar



  • Collect and share every single piece of content you come across
  • Don’t forget to attribute content to the rightful owner(s)
  • Rely on a single source
  • Curate 100% of the time without sharing some of your own work in between



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