Easy tips to kick start your social media campaign

Easy tips to kick-start your social media campaign


Social media campaigns are an effective means to reach out to a wider audience with the aim of building your tribe and encouraging engagement within your community.

If you are new to managing a social media campaign you might be filled with uncertainty and worry.  Don’t despair, while it might take some trial and error at the outset, social media campaigns need not be a nightmare for businesses. On the contrary, a well thought social media campaign strategy will ultimately deliver the desired results.

Don’t get me wrong, social media management is no cake walk and with the wrong approach, a poorly planned social media campaign can be disastrous for any businesses.

Having said that, a social media campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. You can pull off a campaign easily without having to spend sleepless nights and still make it fun and attractive to your followers and effective all at the same time.

Here are some useful easy-to-use social media campaign tips you can use:


Create great content:

great content social media campaign


This goes without saying. Good content is crucial as it improves the chances of uptake and interaction.

To quote someone that knows,  Avinash Kaushik “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life”.

People want to read about interesting stuff – stuff that will, in turn, motivate them to join the conversation either by commenting, sharing or just liking.

Thought provoking content is also effective as it encourages your followers to engage with you.

To quote someone that knows,  Avinash Kaushik “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life”.


Make new friends:

social media campaign


Expand your circle of friends by interacting with popular influencers and share relevant posts from them regularly.

Social media is all about give-and-take, and by so doing you make new friends along the way.

It’s advisable to dedicate a good chunk of your posts to shared content – mostly from influencers and credible sources.

Influencers will eventually notice you and share something original from your page exposing you to their extensive network of friends and followers.


Call to action:

call to action


Another way of encouraging participation by your followers is by adding a call to action to relevant posts.

Followers like being heard on social media. According to Forbes, an effective way to reach a wider audience is to use words like, “share”, “comment” and “like’ in order to inspire people to get the word out.


Great images:

great images social media campaign


After video, good images are undoubtedly the next best form of content for social media. According to research from eMarketer, interactions with Facebook posts increased by 87 percent when the post features an image. Tweets that feature an image URL boast a 35 percent higher chance of sharing.

Social media campaigns that incorporate interesting photos generate high interaction. But remember, images have to be of high quality.


Keep it social:

keep it social

Social media is exactly that – social. Be ready and willing to interact with everyone who wants to engage with you, regardless of the topic. If your posts are getting comments, respond to them and have a conversation with the followers. If a particular photo has generated a lot of ‘likes’, acknowledge and comment with something like, “Glad everyone liked it”. This also tells you that you need to post such posts regularly.

Last but not least,

Make it worth their while:

People feel obliged and motivated to participate in a social media campaign if they see a chance to get rewarded. Specific discounts and contests that reward comments, likes and share do particularly well.



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