Email Subject Lines: Elements to be Impactful

Email Subject Lines: Elements to be Impactful


We take meticulous care in creating a media-savvy press release and infusing apt flesh and meat to get across our client’s core message just right. Unfortunately, all of that can be futile without a hard-hitting email subject lines in which you send your final press release.

Every journalist’s routine requires them to go through hundreds of emails daily and they are usually too swamped to check every word. This means that we have just about a second or two to invite a longer look at our email – enter the catchy email subject lines!

The only way to elicit attention is to have a thoughtfully worded and high-impact email subject lines.


How do we do it?

  • Be edgy and use stimulating words in context with your audiences and topics. Eg – Press Release: Leading handset manufacturer promises insurance on new sales.
  • Enumerate figures. Eg – Press Release: Retail giant’s regional sales to surge 50% with new launches.
  • Use potent and robust vocabulary to stand out. Eg – Press Release: Banking sector pins hopes on financial revival.
  • Make it crisp with not more than 8-10 words. Eg – Press Release: Online investment firm to rank local business expertise.
  • Mention datelines that are deadline driven to attract attention. Eg – Press Release: ABC set to acquire XYZ on the 29th this month.
  • Make use of designations and names wherever relevant. Eg – Press Release: Mr. A steps down as CEO of ABC, joins as Chairman, XYZ.


By starting email Subject lines with the words “Press Release:” you have already giving the journalist valuable information and a reason to look at what comes next.

Never think it’s in vain to spend time over a subject line. It is your chance to win over the journalist’s sought-after attention. Even if the press release is the center-piece that has all the action recorded, the subject-line is the ticket to pass through.

Do take the time, draft it right!

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