Experiential PR

Takers for Experiential PR anyone?


In a tech-advanced and continuously evolving business scenario, where consumers are demanding and willing to lap-up every bit of novelty that brands can offer, Experiential PR, simply put is the next step in storytelling that affords the target audience to experience the brand promise. So when marketers are busy defining strategies to woo their audiences; PR practitioners (with their communications arsenal) are raring to go the Experiential PR way.


Experiential PR

The idea is to form a seamless confluence of traditional and digital PR. Public Relations has always dealt with product sampling right since its nascent stage. But, with the advent of technology and shift in dynamics of brand offerings; embracing Experiential PR seems to an impactful option.

This digital era rarely sleeps and its users crave for constant engagement that can be
viewed, shared, commented and reviewed. Experiential PR in fact is a multi-level way to
attract eyeballs which in turn translates into brand awareness that further penetrates. Even when the idea remains to communicate with audiences, Experiential PR can evolve to become best brand awareness channels, if explored properly.


Millennial stage of consumerism demands more…


ThoExperiential PRugh everyone loved the happy marriage between PR and the art of story-telling; the millennial stage of consumerism is pushing brand limits to offer them immersive experiences. Though there have been many successful cases of Experiential Marketing, Experiential PR has its own unmatched charm.

Experiential PR can create moments that can be further leveraged through media. With the abundance of brand offerings, it is difficult to captivate audiences. Experiential PR has the strength to strike an emotional connect between the brand and people, directly. Another beauty of this tactics is the usage of integrated PR as all aspects of PR are bought into play.

Experiential PR

Experiential PR truly is moving the goalpost from ‘telling consumers about a product’ to ‘letting them experience it’.

Since the new and demanding audiences are not someone you can simply sell to,
engagement and experience are the new PR buzzwords. Agreed that direct engagement
with consumer touchpoints warrants for huge budgets. But, if the experience is well
strategized, immersive as well as integrated; then there’s no going wrong with it.

The horizon may look complex because of the intangibility of PR results, but a brand
experience that captures the public’s imagination is always a winner.

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