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Productivity apps Pocket and Feedly have now become a must-have for most communicators and marketers.  This is mainly due to the nature of their work, which requires them to consume as much relevant content as possible.

Marketers, Social Media executives, and their PR counterparts thrive on information and the Internet is overflowing with it. As a marketer or communicator, staying organized is paramount. Having a tool that allows you to bookmark content to read later or share with colleagues or followers is handy.

These fancy bookmarking apps (that’s what they really are) not only encourage people to read more but also allow you to utilize time spent, for example, waiting for meetings or riding the metro.

Their uncluttered layout makes it easy to read the main content by ditching most of the ads and focus on the text. Reading later can also be done offline so you don’t have to worry about being connected to your Wi-Fi.

While these two particular apps perform pretty much the same function, they feel totally different when finally put to use. This is mainly because of some unique features in them.

To help you decide on which one to try, here’s an infographic showcasing just some of their main characteristics:


feedly vs pocket


Feedly                  vs                            Pocket

Key consumers
·         Content Creators and Curators·         Social media managers·         PR practitioners
Best suited for
·         Bookmarking web content·         Sharing web content·         Offline reading·         Content curation·         Organizing saved web content
Key strengths Key strengths
·         Easy overview interface·         Choice of many colours·         Integrates other services for ease of use and sharing·         Choice of many layout·         Allows to curate web pages ·         Tagging system to organize articles·         Quick direct sharing with other Pocket users·         Built-in social network for publicly sharing articles and finding recommendations·         Instant import of URLs from your clipboard in the mobile apps·         Desktop app for Mac

Sources: LifeHacker.com



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