Five ways to boost your engagement on social media

Five ways to boost your social media engagement


With over one billion social media users worldwide, a number that’s expected to almost double this year”, being active on the social networks still remains an integral part of any marketing plan.

Not surprisingly, many companies have now turned their social media platforms into customer service channels. This is even more common within companies with high volumes of contact with the customer. This presents them with an opportunity to shore up their engagement rates significantly.

However, social media engagement can be overwhelming for many companies mainly because of the time and effort that goes into targeting the right audience on each social network.

It is important to keep in mind that social media engagement is like being in a long-term relationship. There’s so much that goes into making sure that the relationship thrives for years to come. All this boils down to communication and great customer experience – all of which are anchored on engagement.

Here are five easy ways to boost the engagement rate on your social media networks:


Look for conversations worth being part of

Be on the lookout for relevant conversations to join. You can use tools such as Sprout Social to closely monitor key phrases that indicate conversations worth joining. These can be brand terms, product terms or industry terms.


Invite other departments to join in the conversation

Encourage colleagues to contribute especially in tackling queries that are relevant to their departments. Departments such as Human Resource can answer questions related to career opportunities in your organization, the Sales department can help push product by engaging customers who need more information on specific items.


Ask questions

Use Q&A sessions to initiate a conversation with your customers. Think about it, every good relationship needs someone to start the conversation to get things going. You can create your own unique Hashtags like #AskBrandX as one way of opening the door to communication and giving your customers an opportunity to engage with you more frequently.


Make use of current events

One effective way to bring traffic to your social networks is to incorporate trending events. These could be holidays, popular sporting events and even concerts. These, however, need to be relevant to your brand for it to have a positive impact on your engagement.


Utilize free monitoring tools

One way of improving your customer interaction is by being attentive. Listen to what people are saying about you by using tools that monitor and listen to your social media activity. These are just some of the popular free tools you can use: Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Social Mention among others.


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