Flipboard vs Feedly

Flipboard vs Feedly


As a social media manager, one of the most important things in your day is keeping up with the social media trends and news.


Manually scouring the web blindly hoping to stumble upon good quality content can be a daunting task even for the seasoned manager. As if that’s not enough of a challenge, being able to neatly organize content or web pages safely for reference is also not easy.


Newsreader apps like Flipboard and Feedly are just perfect for this kind of task. From Feedly’s clean and simple design to Flipboard’s fancy page flip feature, both these apps have indeed revolutionized what was once a preserve of RSS feeds.


In terms of popularity, some users lean more towards Feedly simply because it’s easily customizable and battery friendly. Others prefer Flipboard since it also supports Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as Instagram and LinkedIn.


Flipboard                            vs                            Feedly


flipboard vs feedly


Key consumers
·         Bloggers·         Social networks managers·         Content excavators·         PR practitioners
Searching for
·         Interesting and relevant news stories·         Quality content for sharing·         Trending news and articles from trendsetters/influencers
Best suited for
·         Collating and organizing web content·         Bookmarking news feeds
Key strengths Key strengths
·         Fancy page transition·         Magazine-style user interface·         Excellent of images·         Allows users to integrate social networking apps·         Personalized magazines ·         Simple user interface·         Three transition options·         Offers dark layout option for night owls·         Provides access to various news sources·         Great article recommendations

Sources: Slant.com

Both platforms have free versions but Feedly also has paid options with additional features.



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