How a Press Release Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

How a Press Release Can Enhance Your Online Reputation


To many modern businesses, a press release may sound like an outdated marketing tool. Many may wonder if press releases are still relevant?

Rest assured, this marketing communication tool is still relevant in today’s online marketing platform.

A press release is an official statement issued to a media platform to inform the public concerning a wide range of issues.

The shift towards online marketing strategies such as blogging, social media marketing, and owning a website has revolutionized how businesses communicate to their audience. Nonetheless, a press release still plays an integral role in a company’s digital marketing strategy.


Here are five ways a press release can enhance your online reputation


  1. Create Hype

A press release can be used to create hype over a new product. Presently, some companies have adopted the technique of issuing their press releases via social media and their blogs.

Take for example Intel Corporation. The company uses its website to inform its audience concerning the latest gadgets and innovative projects.

Through its Intel Newsroom, the company has been able to create hype concerning its latest products even before holding press briefings.


Press Release can Enhance your Online Reputation


There is a high probability that most of your clients are online. A recent study revealed that 40 percent of internet users in the U.S. actively engaged in making online purchases.

Furthermore, the e-commerce market is forecasted to double by 2020. The online market is a minefield that you cannot choose to ignore or belittle.

By engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) in your press release, you will be able to create hype on new product releases.


  1. Enhance Your Brand Presence

A well-developed press release (PR) can help your firm gain exposure and enhance its brand presence.

brand presence

Through a press release, a company gets to communicate to its stakeholders concerning events such as company launches, winning an award, an upcoming charity event, or an important business event.

Issuing this press release online gives the firm a wider coverage. There are a variety of online platforms that a company can use for its PR.

They include the PR wire, Click Press or the PR web. These sites give you an opportunity to reach your target audience online. Alternatively, launching your PR via sites such as the Entrepreneur communicates a positive image to your audience, thereby, enhancing your brand presence.


  1. Generate Web Traffic

A well-developed press release can contribute to increasing traffic to your website. This press release should contain rich content, a catchy headline, and a well-conducted SEO.

Press release can enhance your online reputation

SEO facilitates ease of access for your audience. According to, about 80 million people go online daily. Considering this high influx of people, a press release with rich content can easily attract traffic to your website.

This traffic consists of existing and potential customers. As a result, the PR tool becomes an effective means of communicating your industry expertise and your company’s products/services.


  1. Instant Exposure

Whether your business is small, or whether it is a start-up, an online PR gives you instant exposure. It is a well-known fact that internet marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to reach your target audience.

Press Release

The internet is accessible to millions of users. As a result, a well-written PR with rich content can enhance your online reputation by giving your company instant exposure. Aside from rich content, you can incorporate videos and images that engage in your audience.


  1. Maintain Online Reputation

A press release can help you boost and maintain your online reputation. The PR allows you to engage your stakeholders on matters involving the company. It gives you a platform to clarify issues and communicate changes.


Press Release


When you craft your PR to be more authority-driven, you are able to maintain your credibility in the industry. Also, you can associate your PR with notable media outlets, celebrities, and other reputable businesses.

This will help you communicate to your audience that you are a growing business with a stronghold in the market.

Press releases still matter. If done well, this marketing tool can significantly contribute to your online marketing goals. But first things first, you need to know how to grab the editors attention with a well researched and well-written press release.



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