How can public relations help your business?

How can public relations help your business?


Having worked in various marketing, advertising, and communication roles over the years, nothing impresses me more than the power of Public Relations and the positive impact a well-crafted PR piece can have on your business.

It’s almost given that paying tons of money in advertising budget to sell your business offerings does not necessarily result in getting into the minds and hearts of your target audience. At the end of the day, one is destined to be biased. And that is why the credible voice of an editor narrating your business story and the genuine interest of a journalist promoting your products with candid tales about how good you are to millions of readers can have a powerful impact and that can only be attributed to the wonderful magic of Public Relations.


Awareness and Credibility through Public Relations

So to answer this question, indeed Public Relations can help your business, because simply put, the basic notion about Public Relations is to “get you noticed” under a credible and genuine light. Your audience is more likely to believe in you through the recommendations of others versus paid advertising where you are selling your products through bias views – after all, it’s natural that you “only” talk about all the good offerings of your product/business.

A well planned and structured Public Relation strategy can add value to a business in so many different ways.

Firstly, the consistent visibility in the press through product placements and crafted newsworthy press releases will generate awareness about the business and the products promoted, giving an image of a well-established and trustworthy brand.

The other important aspects of Public Relations that no other form of communication can offer is placing your business as an Industry leader through participation in Industry stories.

As well as positioning company executives and spokespersons as reliable thought leaders in their industry through interviews and media visibility.

Being seen as proactive participants in the News of Now and having a say in critical topics that matter to the industry of your business, can certainly get you and your brand noticed and well noted.

There is no doubt that many businesses are strongly favoring the engagement of Public Relations versus putting all their eggs in the “advertising basket”. Executives are realizing that they could possibly achieve far more tangible results by reaching out to their audiences in many truthful ways than just paying gigantic advertising budgets where it’s almost impossible to track or measure return on investment.

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