How small businesses can use social media as a sales tool?

How small businesses can use social media as a sales tool? 


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Is it possible for small businesses to close more sales using social media?

Definitely so once you reach out to your leads using a solid social media strategy.

Through consistent use of social media, you can turn relationships into revenue.

According to a survey by Adweek Magazine, 70% of respondents were planning to increase social media advertising, and the media intelligence company also states that 66 percent agreed that social media is core to their business.


These attributes point towards the fact that social media is not just for awareness, it can help to boost your company’s bottom line.


Tips for improving sales using social media


Get the most out of your social media marketing by the following tips:

Your primary goal should be to connect with your potential clients and build relationships. When you start contributing great, relevant content, more people will view your profile and respond to your updates.

  1. Do thorough research to find existing conversations about your brand and contribute to it. Start by listening to what people are saying about your product/brand and add value by retweeting or liking their comments. Engage with them by responding to their suggestions and questions.
  1. Once you understand the interests of your prospects, you can add value to the conversations by fine-tuning and sharing related and more relevant content.
  1. Use platforms where your decision makers are present. Join them and create networking opportunities using features such as LinkedIn groups. Highlight your insights by sharing knowledge and expertise. Share their content and get your’s shared back.
  1. Pictures speak louder than words!  It is no secret that when you post an eye-catchy picture along with text, it brings more engagement and shares; this means more exposure to your content. So always make sure to include photos with your content. Also use different types of content on your social platforms whether it is videos, slideshows, or GIFs.
  1. Finally, create a likable and trustworthy persona of your brand online:  Show your network that you are resourceful & have expertise in the field and more than anything, trust-worthy.

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In short, to boost sales using social media you must focus on building relationships, not leads. This is an ongoing process but definitely beneficial. Focus on paying attention to your existing customers and in giving better customer care. These efforts will provide you with loyal customers and better sales in the long run.


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