How to assess your Online Reputation

How to assess your Online Reputation


The business environment is evolving and it is getting more challenging than ever before. The fact that the internet is the most important means of communication today is indisputable.


Gone are the days when you have to do a lot of legwork to be able to know more about a person, brand or company.


Companies and brands are now able to quickly assess their reputation without the necessity to go through a third party. All thanks to the advances in technology.

Although this kind of assessment might not necessarily be 100% accurate, it can provide the brand or the businesses a gist of information or gauge a reputation of a brand at a glance.

Additionally, Social media penetration is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more people get connected via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and Linked In – to name a few. Information sharing is happening at mind-boggling speeds as tech companies race to outperform each other with ultra-high speed mobile devices.


Social Media Penetration


So, with all these technology advancements, it has now become important to perform regular online reputation assessments as part of Online Reputation Management (ORM) monitoring.


 Here are some of the basic steps, which can guide you:


google search

  • First, Google your self (or brand)


  • Start with a simple search of your name, company, brand, product


  • Compile a list of about 30 user-relevant keywords and phrases


  • Enter the results onto a Reputation Management Assessment Form


  • Tabulate the totals as shown in the sample sheet below


  • Then based on the number of sentiments tabulated on the assessment form, it will give you an idea of areas that require urgent attention.


Reputation Management Assessment Form

No. URL Type Good Bad Neutral
1 http://www… Blog 5 9 3
2 http://www… Facebook 12 8 2
3 http://www… Instagram 9 9 1
4 http://www… Twitter 15 8 12



Types Good Bad Neutral Total
Blogs 85 105 66 256
Twitter 130 80 50 260
Youtube 70 30 100 200
Linked In 20 10 40 70



The outcome of the assessment will enable you to manage your online reputation effectively.

By aligning your ORM plan with areas that have or continue to receive negative feedback, you will be on your way to creating and promoting content that accentuates your desired image.

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