How to Get Ahead in your Career

Tips to Help you Get Ahead in your Career



Many people get so busy with their job that they forget to take care of their career. Everyone wants to zoom ahead, get out of the crowd, and drive in the fast lane and in the shortest time possible. Not to forget, we also enjoy their lives and their job while doing so.


Is it possible? YES!


Do not worry about where you are but focus on the future with these 5 simple tips that will help you prosper in your career.


Be Open Minded


As human beings, our biggest fear is fear of the unknown and that is what holds us back from exploring opportunities that come our way. Keep an open mind to trying new things, discovering new skill sets and roles for yourself. The best opportunities often disguise themselves as problems. Ask yourself both questions when presented with something new that is out of your comfort zone – ‘Why’ and ‘Why Not’. Do not get stuck on a single track. You never know when technology can make your skill set obsolete.


Find the right opportunity in the right environment

Your career path will only blossom in the right environment. Identify organizations that have the same culture and values that you are comfortable with and share the same ethos that you do. Don’t spend your life trying to fit in when there are places where you fit in by simply being yourself. Once you find such a place do your best and more to stay there, contribute extensively and learn daily.


Value people 

If the most successful people had to share their secret with you, they would tell you it is always one thing that comes before anything else – people! You can never achieve anything alone by yourself from a larger perspective. You can never get too high climbing atop a pile of dead bodies. To be atop the human pyramid you must have people with you who are willing you support you and hoist you. Value people and the contribution they make to your life and your job. Every person you come across be it a client, a colleague, a supplier or a friend has an important role to play and teaches you something. Be on the lookout to see how you can positively contribute to their lives too. The best business relationships are built on the foundation of friendship. Remember that each person you meet is a possible friend for life.


Focus on Excellence 

The most common mistake we make is that we focus on success. Success is not a destination but the end result of excellence. Chase excellence and success will follow. A key ingredient for that is to devote your energy, enthusiasm and focus on excelling at whatever it is you are doing. You can be a star in your organization no matter what your designation is or what role you play as long as you excel at it. Excellence not only brings one success but also motivation and drive to keep doing better.



People always like people who are humble. Give credit where credit is due and take credit when it is due to you. No matter what your designation is your number 1 responsibility is ‘to serve’. Your career growth will depend on your ability to be of service to your clients, your colleagues and those who reach out to you for help. The greatest leaders are those who serve the best interests of their people. When you are ready to serve you will be ready to lead.


Success they say is nothing more than a few simple actions done regularly in your daily life. To go ahead in your career do not expend energy on trying to be a man of success but rather a man of value. The easiest route to getting there is to simply love what you are doing.

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