Improve your online reputation with these 20 quick tips

Improve your online reputation with these tips


Have you fallen victim to negative reviews, comments or customer feedback? Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of brands and businesses out there that have, at one point or another, been on the receiving end of unflattering social media comments.

The unprecedented growth of social media has left brands and businesses vulnerable to all sorts of feedback. Opportunities for people to interact have thrived due to this growth as more and more users use these platforms to exchange information on various issues on a daily basis.


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Mobile device penetration continues to grow year-on-year hence making it easier for people to stay online conducting product research, reading reviews and leaving comments.

Brands and businesses have now come to the realization that all is not lost. These new trends also present plenty of benefits for businesses depending on how well they manage their online reputation.

A survey by Nielsen revealed that more people are searching for local businesses using social networks. The survey found out that over 70% social media users read other’s feedback.

65% of them learn more about brands, businesses and services. 53% compliment brands in the process while 50% express concerns about products, services and businesses.


Here are some useful tips to follow and be on your way to improve your reputation:


  1. Define your reputation goals
  2. Educate your employees
  3. Listen to your customers
  4. Be present
  5. Engage with your stakeholders
  6. Create amazing content
  7. Show you are trustworthy
  8. Be consistent in your marketing
  9. Build and cultivate relationships with bloggers, influencers and journalists
  10. Always THANK your supporters
  11. Don’t be a jerk!
  12. Clean up your messes
  13. NEVER ignore complaints
  14. Be quick to apologize
  15. Learn from your mistakes
  16. Don’t feed your reputation trolls
  17. Don’t trash talk your competitors
  18. Don’t bad mouth your customers
  19. Be authentic
  20. Give 100%, 100% of the time

Do you have a point or two to add to the list?



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