In 2019, Artificial Intelligence to move forward in PR

Artificial Intelligence to move forward in PR in 2019


So, Alexa has happened and the apps giving answers, not just search results is becoming a near-future reality. Does that mean robots and emerging AI technologies are going to take over the world? Even when it seems most certainly not, we’re wondering about its likely effects and impact on the world of PR in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

First thing that comes to mind is, will it make our jobs obsolete? Keeping aside the negative (because we love our work and the euphoria surrounding it); Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI will definitely remove the more mundane from our daily PR routines. For eg – organizing media lists, emailing standard follow-up emails and planning meetings. These,for sure, are tasks that machines can do better than us (for that matter, error-free). However, I don’t see an alternative to soft skills like trust, understanding, creativity and maintaining professional relationships.

The role of AI in our business and profession…


Who wouldn’t love automating gathering and analysing of data for a PR campaign? And Artificial Intelligence will also take the guesswork out of them, to make events successful and recall-worthy. Providing complementing insights, drawing conclusions and effective use of collated data – AI would be one helping hand, no PR professional would want to miss.

A.I technologies

Moving the graph further, Artificial Intelligence will also help in sentiment analysis. For now, most of the job is done after executing the campaign.

However, AI will help further gauge the success, brand-recall and customer sentiment about the brand. Also, cumulating a vast data of such sentiments and drawing conclusions will be yet another cherry on the cake for PR professionals.

We have now accustomed ourselves to chatbots while online shopping. Well, looks like chatbots in PR will take over a supportive role when it comes to media relations. It sure comes across as a helpful assistant that will help us concentrate on creating engaging strategies. It will also eliminate stress that one faces during crisis, recommending the next best move in such situations.

Though, it seems like the PR industry is still sleepwalking the significance AI can have on it, it’s time we brace ourselves to embrace it with positivity. We are on a crossroad where human interference and computer intelligence meet. Machine analytics fueled by the algorithms of human understanding are all set to bring about a sea-change.

A.I Technologies in 2019

All we can do is, usher in and oblige this helpful enhancement in 2019.



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