Influencer marketing is the new Content King. Find out why.

Influencer marketing is the new Content King. Find out why.


Many marketers have been shifting their marketing focus towards influencer marketing by allocating bigger budgets to this tactic.

This is probably because influencer marketing has continued to prove how effective it can be especially now that more consumers are basing their decision to purchase products on reviews by peers and those they respect.

Influence marketing has been termed as the next big thing in advertising. The rise of the social media influencer has created a world of opportunities for marketers. Influencers have opened up new channels for brands to directly connect with customers organically and at scale.


influencer marketing


As consumers get tired of paid ads, branded content by influencers can amplify a brands message while emotionally appealing to the target audience. This also presents an opportunity for brands to leverage on the power of word-of-mouth through personalities that consumers already identify with and follow.

If there’s one thing that social media has done is turn the traditional marketing model on its head. One key advantage that influencer marketing has over traditional marketing is that it’s social. Consumers expect brands to talk with them NOT at them – big, big difference right there.

Entertainment and information are now at the center of it all. Blatant selling is no longer bringing the same results as it once did.


Influence marketing


So why exactly is influencer marketing the new content king?

In a recent survey conducted by The Shelf, blogs (with 31%) trailed retail (with 34%) and brand sites (with 56%) in influencing purchases.

The survey also revealed that consumers trust influencers more than brands. Why? Simply because branded content comes across as being biased. This pushes customers to go online in search for recommendations and reviews from people not associated with the brand.

influencer marketing

Sharing content through influencers increases the conversion rate significantly. This alone is part of the reason why more brands are allocating more money towards influencer marketing. 65% of brands are now actively participating in influencer marketing.

Almost all industries now have influencers – some more popular than others. The food industry is among the most popular with 80% followed closely by Lifestyle with 74%.

Parenting and beauty are also among the popular ones with 65% and 52% respectively. At the bottom of the board are video games and business with 20% and 17% respectively.

These numbers are expected to change as this concept continues to grow. It’s only a matter of time before most companies make influencer marketing a permanent item on their annual marketing strategy.



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