Influencer Marketing – The Search for Influencers

The Search for Influencers

Collaborating with Bloggers and Influencers

As more and more brands go digital, we come across more and more clients who wish to collaborate with bloggers and influencers to help them grow in the social media arena.

The first thing they ask for is a list of personalities and their followings, ranked from the highest to lowest based on a minimum number they have set. They will ideally want to work with the top 5 or so, often with budgets that do not quite match what influencers usually charge.


How do we go about this search for the most influential?

We don’t.
Sometimes, those with the largest number of followers do not necessarily fit with the image of the brand. Say you have a high-end fashion blogger that you want to engage with for a bridge or mass market brand. The client and the blogger may agree on a set budget, the people losing out on the deal are the audiences themselves.

The audience will instantly spot a paid-for social campaign and often times call out the blogger for selling out. Such instances have happened before both locally and abroad.

If you’re working with a small budget, it’s easier to approach the ones who are starting out but can deliver good quality content to help push your brand to the right people.


It’s not always about numbers.

Honestly, it should never be about numbers.
We cannot let our society continue to be one that assesses a person’s worth based on how many followers they have.

These newer bloggers might have a smaller following than the local Instagram celebs, but maybe they cater to a different market that’s more in line with the products you’re selling. Maybe they can come up with better content, because they’re more authentic, more attuned to what their followers want, and because they try harder than the more famous ones might, plain and simple.

The key to success is working with a personality who would realistically wear your brand and who would appreciate being chosen to work with you.

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