Instagram vs Pinterest






Stand Out by Showcasing your Personality and your Products …

Both Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual, image-driven platforms.

However, that is where the similarities end!



Instagram allows users and brands to tell their stories visually through creating and sharing beautiful images of their experiences or products.  This allows the audience to get a sense of the character of a person or a brand.

This platform is highly visual, personal and intimate.  While brands can and do share their latest product offerings, the platform allows brands to give their followers a glimpse into their company culture.  It is great for sharing images from events such as a new season launch or celebrating a milestone to behind-the-scenes glimpses into the real lives of the people behind the brand.

Instagram tends to have a lot more engagement and conversation with one’s audience.



Pinterest, on the other hand, is about finding and sharing content that is of interest to your audience and then grouping it in a way that would appeal to them. This is great for when you need inspiration on a specific subject.

Keep in mind that Pinterest images link back to their original location on the internet, so this is an excellent way to get people to follow pins back to your website.

Pinterest is all about sharing inspiration and ideas.  Therefore, put together well-curated boards of topics your users will be interested in, share tips and how-to’s, and you will have a loyal fan base.


Instagram is more about content creation whereas Pinterest is about content curation



Should you choose Pinterest of Instagram?


Choosing between the two can sometimes prove to be challenging for some marketers and the comparison below should help them decide which is the right platform for their brands and businesses.


instagram vs pinterest



Choose what suits your business…


These two image-driven platforms are a darling for many social media users and for obvious reasons: Brands and individual users are having a field day and reaping the benefits while at it. Billions of photos, images, and short videos are being uploaded and shared every day between these popular social networks.


photo sharing


Statistics indicate that 40 percent of people will respond better to visual content than plain text.  This is probably one of the many reasons why Pinterest and Instagram are particularly popular with many businesses today.


When results matter…

Indeed, these two platforms present a great opportunity for businesses and brands to showcase their products through eye-catching photos and to a wide audience. Accordingly, Instagram has over 400 million users while Pinterest has over 100 million.

social media users


Both these networks also account for a huge number of influencers and celebrities. In fact, when brands tie up with these influencers, the content is bound to get a considerable amount of eyeballs and shares.



The bottom line


Although there are some glaring differences between them, clearly the type of content being shared as well as a brand’s audience and goals are determining factors.



So, when it comes to choosing which platform to use for your brand or business, choose what suits your business and your audience and not because your competitors are on it.

Based on the above insights, if you want to increase engagement and connection with your audience, do this on Instagram where you can share images that tell your story.

On the other hand, if your key objective is to lead customers to your blog or online store then you definitely want to be found on Pinterest. The platform allows you to search for and find specific content and topics and then creating boards that bring together images on a specific topic all in one place.


Note: There is no rule that says you cannot use both!



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