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Social Sharing Giants

Video and photo sharing platforms Snapchat and Instagram are both social media giants in their own right.

These two apps are amongst the 5 most downloaded and used platforms worldwide with a combined 450 million daily active users. This alone provides marketers with a golden opportunity to tap into this pool of active users through sharing relevant and engaging content in the form of short videos and creative photos.

Because of the different value offering that these two mobile platforms present, many social media managers still find it a difficult choosing which of the two platform is best suited for their business or brands.

As if their popularity didn’t complicate things for most marketers, both apps recently unveiled a similar feature (Stories) that more or less threw a spanner in the works and probably made the choosing game even more difficult.

The audience and reach for both Instagram and Snapchat are staggering with Instagram accounting for over 3.5 billion Likes per day while Snapchat boasts of over eight billion video views per day.


A Side by Side Comparison – Instagram vs Snapchat

To put their capabilities into perspective, here’s an infographic of a side-by-side comparison between the two popular apps.

Instagram vs Snapchat


  Instagram                          vs                            Snapchat

Key consumers Key consumers
·         Millennials and young adults ·         Primarily women
Searching for Searching for
·         Interesting photo stories·         New products from brands ·         Interesting video stories from friends and celebs
Best suited for Best suited for
·         Photo and image sharing·         Short video sharing·         Memes and Product images·         Behind the scenes photos·         Exclusive deals/promo photos

·         Adverts blend well with the feed

·         Selfies (creative and fun filters to choose from)·         Fashion brands·         Celebrity news and updates·         Product releases·         Events such as product launches or sponsored concerts
Key strengths Key strengths
·         Ease of use·         Has least annoying adverts·         Over 300 million daily users·         Users spend an average of 21 mins on the platform daily·         It’s best suited for engagement and interaction ·         Perfect platform for selfies·         Most popular with celebs·         Used by over 150 million users daily·         Users spend an average of 25 to 30 minutes per day on the app·         Attractive to brands

·         Best for broadcasting content


Considering all the available stats, it’s quite evident that both Instagram and Snapchat have active and engaged users, which make them great for businesses and brands.

Which one do you use as part of your social media strategy?

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