Introverts make good Public Relations Professionals

Introverts make good PR Pros



An introvert in public relations sounds absurd.


We expect public relations professionals to be expressive and outgoing. In other words, an extrovert or typically known as a “people’s person”.

But isn’t PR all about effective communication?

Does it really matter then if you are an introvert or extrovert?

Why are introverts considered to be poor communicators? On the contrary, I believe they are the smart communicators.


Here are some points introverts could consider to leverage their strengths to be successful Public Relations Professionals


Good Listeners

Public Relations Professionals Listen

Introverts tend to be excellent listeners. Whether it is a client briefing session or a lunch meeting with a journalist, you can use your listening skills to the best of your ability. It makes the other person feel important and confident that they have been heard and well understood.


The art of thinking before speaking

Public Relations Professionals Strategy

Introverts master the art of thinking before speaking. They use their words sparingly which is an effective communication skill. Thinking hard before speaking helps us to analyze our own ideas before sharing.


Calm personality

Calm Public Relations ProfessionalsAn introvert comes across a very calm and sorted person due to their reserved demeanor, regardless of what’s happening internally. In moments of crisis, this quality of an introvert person helps them to assess the situation instead of getting overwhelmed by it. It allows them time to develop a plan of action and think of a strategy to overcome the crisis. This attitude also makes a positive impact on the team and makes it easier to handle difficult situations.


Excellent team players

Public Relations Professionals Team

Introverts are not worried about being in the spotlight. They are comfortable in admitting their own weaknesses and volunteering for tasks that play to their strengths and delegating tasks better suited for other colleagues, thereby working efficiently and achieving effective results. This makes them excellent team players and even better leaders.


While we do not associate introverts with industries such as Public Relations, their abilities and combination of skills make them an integral part of any communications team. PR is all about developing a client’s brand and reputation and putting them in the spotlight, not the other way round. This makes PR an ideal field for individuals who are not attention seekers but strategic communicators.




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