Is Social Media a number game?

Is Social Media a number game?


Boosting social media presence, inviting more likes, engaging audiences in social media-driven strategies and weighing popularity in terms of number of followers; we all are guilty of being bitten by the social media bug and do not rest at that. There is a constant quest for increasing visibility, gaining popularity and chasing the number game to woo online audiences. But let’s give all of this a break to think about its success rate practically.

Whilst paying attention to the analytics behind all social media activities, it also is important to truly understand what the audiences are engaging with. Just spending time analysing social media behaviour for the purpose of ‘seeking more likes, fans and followers’ is not the true definition of success on social media because quantity will never outweigh quality. In my opinion, the first mistake we all make is believing in social media to be a number game.

Brands, influencers and organisations should always give reasons enough to seek interest of their audiences. Let them know how different you are from your competitors. There goes a lot into nurturing a virtual relationship that will reap long term benefits. And to make yourself different from others, start off with these simple tips:-


Forget the chase, learn to listen:

Pay close attention to what your target audiences are saying on various social platforms. Listen to their concerns and see if you can figure out a solution to their demands.

Of course, needless to say, see how your competition is reacting to these as well.


Don’t just sell, build:

It is ever so easy to say, “Hey, look what we did!” But take the time to recognize efforts put in by partners, customers and key constituents as examples of success in the industry.

This builds an environment of goodwill and etches a character around your identity that will not be forgotten easily.


Get the number game crunching with creativity:

In a metrics-driven business world, all that can get your audiences’ attention is creativity. From consumer engagement mandates to reading-worthy content; it is worth the while in investing time to create all of these to attract traffic.


Constantly update your online profile:

When you want attention, it is never sufficient to create an account and forget about it. Your social media profile is like an introductory card that will either impress or leave the audiences cold. It pays to create a compelling profile, update it regularly and use it as a valuable marketing collateral, whenever required.


Create more meaningful content:

Successful influencers and organisations on social media are generous with their advice, sharing content and helping others to make useful connections. If you want to gain more followers, it is well worth producing regular content that you can share – it’s also a great way to show yourself in a positive light without having to do a hard sell.


More than just numbers, it pays to develop quality driven fan following which will rely on you when the time comes. So don’t just chase numbers, invest time and thought in nurturing your community.




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