It’s not just social media, it’s THE social media

It’s not just

social media,

it’s THE

social media


Have you ever said to yourself – or to anyone, “Pfft! it’s just social media!”

Well, I’m sorry to break it up to you, but that’s where you’re terribly wrong.

In fact, a brands’ activity on social media says a lot about the brands’ personalities! Yes, personality; brands are alive, brands are human.

So, have you been underestimating the tremendous power of social media? Still unconvinced? Then read on to know why you should take social media seriously!


Let’s look at the numbers



According to some statistics,

  • Approximately 71% of consumers recommend brands who have good social media services;
  • 52% of consumers’ buying decisions are greatly influenced by brands’ Facebook page;
  • 78% of consumers rely on social media for answers to their complaints and expects them within an hour; and,
  • 96% of consumers who discuss brands online are not even followers of the brands itself!

There are lots of statistics made to show proof of how significant social media is to your businesses. But, I’m not going to flood you with numbers.

The bottom line is: your social media activities have a great impact on your consumers. Take note: not social media alone, but your social media activities.

This gives you all the more reason why you should always have quality content on all your social media handles.


Smart-arse Consumers

online consumers

Social media must be one of your tools to identify your consumer’s psychographics and buying decisions. Well, guess what?

Your consumers are also making their own research on you, just as you have been on them!

Consumers are now getting smarter. Gone are the days when consumers can be easily fooled by many brands’ propaganda. They investigate every activity you do on your page and listen to what social media users say about your products and/or services.

So, you better make sure that your social media identity, apart from what you say or do on your own social media handles, is good and continuously monitored.


Are we friends or not?

friends or not?

You probably know that social media is originally created in order to connect people. Similarly, your social media handles should have a purpose to build relationships with your consumers. It is not only a tool to promote your products and/or services. Hey, this media is not called “social” for nothing!

Your products and/or services actually gains a personality; they are human on social media.

Consider this: when people click the follow button, take it as a friend request. It’s either you reject them by being apathetic on how you manage your social media handles or accept them by doing otherwise.

I hope this does not happen to you!


It's THE Social Media

Anchor’s away!

anchor's away


Indeed, you read it right – away and not aweigh.

Your business is a fishing boat. By creating social media handles for your brands, you actually throw an anchor into the sea, keeping the business steady and firm. Aside from that, it helps you net specific fishes depending on where you throw the anchor. Market targeting has never been easy and effective because of social media!

Don’t get tossed and be lost in the vast ocean. Use your anchors now!


Social Media Equity translates into Brand Marketability

These pointers are only four of the many reasons why you should not take social media for granted. It is not just social media, but the social media. Tell us, what’s hindering you to use social media to the fullest? We might just be able to help!



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