Media Relations vs Public Relations

Media Relations


Public Relations

What is the difference anyway?

Since I started working in PR, every time I meet someone and they ask me what do you work and I say I work in PR, this answer is never good enough because they usually ask me what exactly is PR and what exactly do you do.

I have found that most people are not really aware of the nature of PR and don’t know the difference between public relations and media relations as many believe that they are basically the same thing.


What is Public Relations?

In simple words, Public relations encompasses all the different ways an organization communicates with interested parties or the general public.

This can be done through internal communication, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), news, social media, events and media relations.  The latter being is just one of the tools used to achieve public relations goals.

In essence, PR looks into the bigger picture, how the company or organization is perceived.


What is Media Relations?

Media relations is exactly what it sounds like, communicating with the media on behalf of one’s organization or client.  This includes building and strengthening existing relations with editors, bloggers, reporters, TV & Radio presenters and anyone else that is in a position to feature your story.


What do PR Professionals do?

PR teams are responsible for finding the right media outlets to promote their stories to and to engage the right type of media. They are also continuously looking for opportunities to increase exposure of the company or brand through competitions, photo shoots, store walks, media events and collaboration with bloggers.

The PR managers develop the PR plan for the year which includes all these activities put on a calendar plan throughout the year.

PR executives spend a lot of time working on a creative story that presents the organization’s views and grabs the media’s attention.

There are so much and many more other details that fall under the umbrella of Public Relations.  Media relations is just one part of the big puzzle.


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