Metrics or Impact – What is it for PR?

Metrics or Impact – What is it for PR?


Companies have always invested in PR to create credibility for their brand. A concern that brands share has been the intangibility when it comes to measuring the impact of a campaign on its sales or bottom line. Circulation figures, advertising values, and formulated metrics definitely quantify the efforts but how do you measure consumer engagement and brand awareness- Got us thinking!


Now that we’re in an age of digitally influenced consumerism, Blogger and Influencer Management is a huge responsibility in addition to media management. So going beyond the multiplication algorithms of trade, lifestyle, and finance media; PR impressions can now be tracked by the number of times a post/article/blog was read and shared. Oh thanks, technology for making it that simple!


Measuring Impact… 

Gathering data, consumer metrics, etc. is fine but extracting salient insights is a greater aspect of measuring impact. We can’t thank social media enough for bridging the gap between brands and followers. From Facebook, Instagram to Twitter; these platforms provide an opportunity to directly connect, chat and engage with consumers. So, in this case, it makes sense to collate reach, engagement, leads, mentions, likes, shares, followers, views, friends, and fans and then combine it with PR metrics data to understand the impact.


As an agency, we believe that it is imperative that clients and brands take contextual measurement seriously. Exposure in aperson holding white Samsung Galaxy Tabn isolated medium or an out of context platform has no meaning even though they might add up to the number of brand impressions per month. Analysis of direct competition, overall market places, and engagement on common platforms could give more of a real picture than otherwise. For instance, a new product launch news item that appears in a special edition of market reviews along with competitors will fetch the same number of viewers as that of your competition.


Role of PR Professionals…

As PR professionals we are always trying to craft the best content for our clients. In an increasingly competitive landscape, it has now become imperative for us to ensure that the content provided also translates into valuable content in the press and on social media platforms.

  • Did the editor mention the brand’s key focus?
  • Was the messaging in line with the brand’s sentiments?
  • Was there a mention of the spokesperson along with picture and designation?

… are some of the questions clients should be taking into consideration.


Objective based analysis..

If the objective is set before every campaign or content piece that is distributed, it becomes easier to decide on the metrics or impact that needs to be measured. The effectiveness can be measured with 5 simple ways including

  1. PR value (Press Clippings)
  2. Brand Sentiment (Content Analysis)
  3. Social Media Mentions
  4. Website Traffic
  5. Leads/ Sales generated


Measuring the value of PR has come of age and showing how PR activity outcomes can drive business objections will also elevate the importance of discipline on either end of the teams.



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