OneNote vs EverNote






We can all agree that productivity tools or apps have become a daily necessity for many of us.

Note taking apps, EverNote and OneNote, are just some of the most popular productivity tools with loads and loads of interesting features.

Social media managers and PR practitioners, for example, are just some of the beneficiaries of these tools since tasks such as meetings or brainstorm sessions and curating content from the web can now be easily and efficiently done without breaking a sweat.

In an industry such as digital marketing or public relations, or any other demanding career for that matter, productivity is the key to success. With limited time on your hands, every second counts and hence the use of tools that enables you to utilize time efficiently by collating all your ideas, checklists, reminders, saved web pages, and documents comes highly recommended.

These two remarkable tools are available in free or paid up versions. They both support multiple mobile platforms as well as desktops. Here’s a sneak-peek of what each note taking tool is capable of doing.


OneNote vs EverNote


OneNote                             vs                            EverNote

Key consumers Key consumers
·         Busy executives, freelancers ·         Busy executives, freelancers
·         4.0 Star rating on Google Play store·         4.5 Star rating on App Store ·         4.6 Star rating on Google Play store·         5.0 Star rating on App Store
Best suited for Best suited for
·         Capturing thoughts and ideas·         Event planning·         Tracking errands lists

·         Flagging suggestions/queries

·         Sharing notes with colleagues/friends

·         Adverts blend well with the feed

·         Taking notes·         Creating To-Do lists·         Saving stuff found on the web

·         Scanning, digitizing & organizing documents and drawings

·         Creating agendas, writing memos and presentations

Key strengths Key strengths
·         Hand write or draw·         Hide notes·         Ideal for brainstorming sessions

·         Integrated into Windows

·         Drag and drop feature

·         Export sections/pages into PDF, Word, and HTML

A digital file cabinetConducive for making simpler notesBest used for information management

Adds helpful metadata to your notes

Notes can also appear on your Google searches



If your day is characterized with team meetings, teleconferences, and content scouting, these kinds of tools have probably already become an integral part of your day-to-day operations.

Both tools are effective in their own right and it all depends on what your demands and expectations are. The bottom line is that either one of them will certainly make life easier in the long run.

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