Online Reputation Management Plan: A guide to ORM planning

Online Reputation Management Plan: A guide to ORM planning


With unlimited access to the web, all businesses need to protect their reputation at all times. This can only be done with an effective and well-executed Online Reputation Management plan.

Putting together an ORM plan might sound daunting.  However, as complicated as it may sound to some, it’s really not rocket science. If well laid out and if it covers the bare minimum, it could work to your brand’s advantage. Also, it can improve your bottom line.

Online reputation management

ORM Planning… what can it do for your business or brand?

A well thought out ORM strategy increases and improves a brand’s performance in the marketplace. One of the key points in a good Online Reputation Management plan is transparency at all times. Accordingly, customers show loyalty to brands that are transparent hence builds and reinforces their trust with them.


online reputation management planning


Below is a guide to a basic ORM plan for your brand:

Listen to what is being said about your brand

One crucial aspect of an ORM plan is monitoring. In any case, you need to be aware of what is being said about your brand at all times. This is the first step towards effective ORM. Moreover, this also forms the basis of your follow up responses. Monitoring can be done through various tools, many of which are free such as Google Alerts, or Trackur. Other notable ones include Hootsuite, Brand Watch and TweetDeck.


Response development team

Depending on the comments or the nature of the blog post, you need to identify key people in the organization that will tackle the queries and comments authoritatively. Ensure that the team will be tasked with the formulation of all responses react within a set timeline.


Response Timeline

Make sure you have a response timeline for negative comments. Some comments or blog posts might require more time to consult while others can be turned around almost instantly. Whichever the case, precise timelines are important especially if you are dealing with social media platforms.


Line up positive content

One way of neutralizing negative online material is by consistently sharing and highlighting positive content about the brand.  As part of the ORM plan, you will need to write and release well-crafted content to selected high-ranking websites.

Search engines prioritize searches based on quality, variety, freshness and trust. So, high quality, fresh, trusted information gains traction quickly and gets placed at the top. In fact, this also helps in pushing down unfavorable content further down the list, making it difficult for people to easily find bad content.


The process of developing an effective Online Reputation Management plan might sound like an uphill task to many at a glance, but there are ways to simplify the process and take the headache and anxiety out of it.

Take care and control your brand online otherwise, someone else will. ORM is basically a form of defense and best practice for many businesses around the world.



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