Ten Online Reputation Management Tactics for your Business or Brand

Ten Online Reputation Management Tactics

Your Online Reputation Matters!

Research shows that consumers are increasingly using online searches/research before they make purchasing decisions.  In fact, the vast majority of consumers seek out information and reviews about companies and products before making a buying decision.



Online Reviews are the new Word-of-Mouth

According to recent research by Bright Local,


9.2 out of 10 consumers read online reviews

Online Reputation Tactics


8 out of 10 consumers “will trust reviews as much as personal recommendations”

Online Reputation Tactics



What does this mean for your business or brand?

Considering how important your online reputation is, you simply cannot afford to overlook an Online Reputation Management strategy – whether applied in-house or outsourced.

You should constantly be working at building up a positive image online while being on guard in order to quickly identify negative material such as photos, comments, blog posts and reviews that are shared on the internet.


Only 13% of consumers would consider using a business that has a 1 or 2-star rating online?


This means that businesses who are not working to safeguard their online reputations will feel it in their sales and bottom line.



Here are TEN useful tactics for building and protecting your online reputation:
  1. Own your domain

If you do not already own your own domain, buy it immediately.  Also, buy alternatives that might be popular in your area such as .com, .ae or .net.

It is fairly inexpensive to own your own domain and it ensures that no one else can claim it and abuse your brand.


  1. Claim your Social Profiles

Claim your social profiles on all the social platforms.  You do not need to be active on all of the social sites you claim, but you want to ensure that others cannot lay claim to it.  Even social platforms that might seem insignificant today may suddenly explode in popularity in time to come.


  1. Google your brand

Do some online searches of your own. You need to know what is already on the internet about you or your brand.  This will give you a baseline to start from.


  1. Listen

Set up an alert for your brand so that you are notified if there are any new mentions of you online.  Google Alerts or Social Mention can be used to monitor mentions of your brand.


  1. Respond

When you do come across comments/feedback online, both negative and positive, respond immediately.  Your customers need to know that you are listening when they comment.


  1. Be Engaging

Find out where your customers are online and engage with them there.  This will also boost your online reputation and helps you to have more opportunities to be found in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram do extremely well in Google search results.

Tip: ALWAYS link all of your brand’s social profiles together and use a standard logo and colour scheme throughout.  This will help build brand recognition.


  1. Blog

Blogging is a good way of enhancing your brand’s presence on the web. You can do it internally or use a professional and develop positive and interesting articles that show up in online searches. Blogging also helps your reputation and lead generation by providing valuable content that your target audience might be searching for.


  1. Pick the low hanging fruits – Get Listed

One way to get noticed online is to be present in online directories.  Here is a blog that lists some easy ways to collect online reviews. 


  1. Be Creative with Video

Videos rank high on search engine results, hence you should also make it a habit to always encourage your customers to share their experiences through platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and other popular visual applications.


  1. Have an Active PR Strategy

PR has a role to play in Reputation Management. Make sure that you also have in place a communication strategy, which should include unique ideas that are not necessarily centered on internal activities or events. Find out interesting things that your customers use your brands for. Sponsorships and collaborations with partners always generate good press.

Putting these online reputation management tactics into place is a good way to start to build and protect your reputation online.


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