Points to consider before hiring a PR Agency

Points to consider before hiring a PR Agency


If you are looking for a PR agency to hire, probably the first things you might think about are past clients, experience and how successful the agency is with its current clients.

However, this information might not be very helpful because what works with others might not necessarily work for you. And with this particular type of business, relationships are very important and the chemistry has to be there to make it successful.

If an agency can prove great past experience with clients it is obviously a good sign but it cannot mean that it is the right one for your business.

It sometimes happens that an agency with great past experience proposes brilliant PR ideas and a concrete plan that guarantees exposure and coverage to a potential client but end up not signing for them even if the client believes in their ideas.  The reason might be because there is no chemistry and the parties simply don’t think alike.

So, what should be considered before and after you hire a PR agency?   Here are a few to think about:


Set your goals and be clear and specific about what are you aiming for

Considering your strategic business position and mission and vision, the brand personality before looking for PR agencies to hire, you need to know where do you stand and where you want to reach, what are your weaknesses and strengths because having clear idea of all this is the only way to choose the best PR agency that suits your needs and help you achieve your strategy.


Make sure you are at the right stage and position for PR

Every business owner wishes to spread the word about their brand and to see their name placed everywhere, but the real question is are you ready for PR? Before building a PR strategy it is significantly important to relook at your marketing mix and positioning strategy and see if the brand is correctly positioned, priced, packaged and all other marketing elements are in place before letting the world know about it. PR can be the fastest way to kill the brand if it was not correctly positioned.


Keep in mind that PR does not work alone

PR needs to be aligned and consistent with other marketing disciplines and agencies. For that, it is very important to make sure all the agencies are working towards one common goal and speaks the same language.


These are just some of the points to keep in mind before hiring a PR Agency.

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